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Working around the worldWhile managing a business we all come across all kind of obstacles and walls to pass. Untangling complex processes and finding the suitable solution for a flawless workflow is one of the most important tasks in every company. Thus finding appropriate tools to help you handle all this amount or planning is inevitable. The only problem is that we might fall into temptation and choose the most complex and sophisticated systems which will do exactly the opposite of what we expect. Almost all the time the simplest ways is the best to go through. That’s why an easy to use, intuitive app will solve most of your problems with minimum effort and ahead of time.
Did you ever take into consideration how many work processes you can ease by using web forms? Well, we have some accurate examples from our clients who successfully implemented online business forms in their workflow and reduced the amount of time spent to solve tasks. Streamlining office operations is possible through such tools, here are some examples:

Forms to Streamline Organizational Processes

HRG Worldwide Australia managed to improve both internal and external communication through custom business forms. They gather feedback from clients with smart satisfaction surveys, gaining insights over their clients’ experience with the services they provide. Likewise, they wanted to have a full overview over their employees also so they implemented such form to collect useful information from employees.

“The main surveys we have created are customer satisfaction surveys. We have also started to use 123FormBuilder for some of our internal processes. We used password protected forms and approval of submission function, which has been great and cut down on process time.”

Custom Business Form for gathering feedback
Thus, they improved the internal development and used form for reasons like: employee benefits survey, employee evaluation, employee recruitment and even resignations. All these in addition to customer satisfaction surveys which was the main reason they started to use such a tool. It’s a great example on how a simple customized business form can enhance efficiency on HR related tasks.

Easing department workflow through forms

Coolerguys offered us a clear overview on how online shops can benefit from using forms. They began with a simple contact form that had the function of filtering messages. By adding the custom email notification feature, now all messages coming from their clients through the contact form are redirected to the right department according to the selected choice from the form. After seeing how easily they succeeded to implement a customized business form, they found even more instances of usage in their internal workflow.

“Ease of use, Google Docs integration and the ability to send form submissions to different addresses depending on selections people make while filling them out helped us to ease our work and save time.”

Custom Business Forms integrated with Google Docs
Hence, after contact forms they added order forms and forms for return of merchandise authorization (RMA) to help both employees to supervise products and sales and customers to easily communicate with them. It was a win-win situation emerging from the use of a simple tool.

Branded Forms for Web Designers

Pumpkin Web Design Ltd presents with another fun way to use forms, this time in a web design business. They wanted to spare time and find an alternative to the self-built systems which were complicated and quite difficult to build. Thus, they now create customized forms for their customers and integrate them on all kind of websites without messing with design.

“123FormBuilder was a simple form solution which was quick to become familiar with and utilize. The 123FormBuilder website was intuitive and fun to use. We found it very fast to create complex forms for our clients. In our industry our most expensive resource is our own time. 123FormBuilder saved us loads of that!”

Custom Business Forms
While the requirements of their clients grew in complexity, they were able to adapt forms to their needs by adding payment integration, customizing themes or implementing advanced features, thus creating all the complex forms they needed.
For all these reasons, we believe that a form builder can facilitate your planning, management and communication processes. If you have other instance in which you use custom business forms or surveys in your workflow cycle, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section below.

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