How to Avoid Web Form Abandonment Using Rules


by 123FormBuilder

When creating web forms or surveys, you’re often faced with the fact that they are too long. And this is the point when you ask yourself if anyone will fill them out. If your online forms or surveys get too long and complex, you naturally may worry about visitor abandonment. But you shouldn’t because there are such things as rules and conditional logic that make things much easier to follow.

As online forms are the gate for creating relationships and building communication with your potential customers, it’s important to design them carefully and make the right settings. To find out what you need through a web form, without driving respondents away, you need to use rules.

Do you know how online form rules can help you? Rules are very efficient because they simplify the filling out process, creating the impression of a shorter and more simple online form. They allow you to customize the flow of any online form based on criteria defined by yourself. And the advantages of rules don’t stop here. You also have form rules and confirmation rules. Moreover, web form rules support interaction and can increase response rates. At 123FormBuilder, we understand this very well, so we’ve just redesigned the rules section.

You can build and customize order forms, feedback forms and any other type as easy as before. The only change is that it will be easier for you to set and manage rules.

This is what the rules section redesign brings to you

The redesign of the “Rules” section includes warnings when two rules collide. Additionally, rules can be created using bubbles on 3 levels.

web form rules

Due to the new change, you can edit or delete a set of rules.

online form rules

Plus, you can search the rule you need to edit. If you have many rules applied, use the “Search” function to find quickly the rule that contains a particular word.

form rules

And there’s more! You can create unlimited subrules, delete one group of rules, select several rules and then delete or duplicate them. Moreover, if you delete a certain field from a rule, that field will be replaced by “Deleted field”.

Rules are essential if you want to have effective web forms. The rules section is useful when you want to avoid asking unnecessary information that drives potential respondents away. Using rules, you can send various autoresponders that are based on respondents’ input and make the process of filling in a longer form easier.

Hope you’ll enjoy these new changes! Tell us if they’re useful to you!

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