How to Attract and Engage Your Facebook Audience With 123FormBuilder


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On April 27, the world’s biggest social network, Facebook, revealed the First Quarter 2016 results.

1.09 billion daily active  Facebook  users on average for March 2016, 16 percent increase year-over-year.

1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users, an increase of 15 percent year-over-year.

1.51 billion mobile  Facebook active users, 21 percent increase year-over-year.

These statistics highlight how rapidly this platform has evolved,  how it continues to grow in popularity and that social networking has become a fact of life.  In an increasingly digital world, building a web presence on Facebook is now vital for any business. Goes without saying that businesses  can and should use Facebook to their advantage.

There are numerous ways you can do that. Facebook can be utilized as a social media tool to reach a broader audience, provide quality content that is relevant and personal, connect and interact with your target audience. In this article we will discuss the various ways you can use 123FormBuilder to attract and engage your Facebook audience.

Contact forms for Facebook


Through Facebook you can maximize your reach and promote your product or service but you need to find the right approach to break through the clutter and stand out. You can build a bridge between you and your target audience by adding a contact form to your Facebook page. When creating a contact form for your website, you need to make sure it nicely blends with it. The same goes for Facebook. If you want to boost engagement and improve social interaction with your fans, make sure that the contact form is aligned with the overall content and tone of voice.

Our contact form templates, form themes and custom CSS will help you to effortlessly style and brand your Facebook contact form.  

Moreover, with 123FormBuilder you can handily manage your data from one place since all of your Facebook contact form entries are stored safely in the online database of your 123FormBuilder account.

Our Form Builder’s features cover a wide range of customer needs such as 3rd party apps integration, translations and multilanguage forms, notifications and many more.

By enabling the 123FormBuilder Application for Facebook to access your pages, you will be able to import any web form, survey or poll from your 123FormBuilder account into a customizable tab on your Facebook page.

These are step-by-step instructions on how you can publish a form on Facebook.

Facebook surveys


Irrespective of your field of activity and no matter  what type of information your business needs to gather, surveys are a terrific tool for engaging your Facebook fans, gathering feedback and generating buzz.You can make your own surveys and easily adapt them to your specific needs by using our Free Online Survey Creator.

Begin with one of our online survey templates or start from square one with a blank form and drag fields, choose a theme, select colors, fonts and set up rules. Keep in mind that it’s essential to define objectives in order to get relevant results, ask effective questions and manage data wisely. You can actually develop your marketing strategy using online surveys.

As we explained above, in order to add any type of form to your Facebook page, you need to enable the 123FormBuilder app for Facebook. Then you can proceed to selecting from the dropdown, the form and the page where you want it to appear. In our case, the survey you’ve created.

The new tab will appear on your Timeline under the name “Contact Us”, but you can easily change this name. Simply go to the Admin Panel of your Facebook page, click the Settings button on the top right corner of the page. Then go to AppsAdded Apps and click on the Edit settings link under the 123FormBuilder app. Now write the new name for your tab in the Custom tab name box. You can also choose to change the image tab. After you finish editing, hit Save, then Ok

Facebook tab

Done! Your survey will appear on Facebook into the tab you’ve edited.

Polls for Facebook


As well as surveys, Facebook polls can help you collect valuable insights. But you can also make them engaging and shareable by asking questions that resonate with your target audience, adding personality and using enticing images.

Whether you want to instantly display the results of the poll to your submitters or you want to keep responses private, with 123FormBuilder you can easily view instant poll reports.


Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to make a Facebook poll with 123FormBuilder.

Facebook contests

Running a Facebook contest will help you not only engage a broad audience but also gather important leads. Once you’ve decided what type of contest to run, start off with the  Contest Entry Form template.

Custom themes & CSS empower you to make it visually appealing and inviting for people to fill it out.

You can add a file upload field  if you want your fans to send you photos, videos or anything else.

Structure it in order to aim the engagement that you want from your audience. Giving away a prize and making it challenging will definitely do the trick.

After creating the contest form, simply add it to your Facebook page as explained above. An ingenious contest related cover photo will catch the eye of your page visitors towards the contest and allow them to enter the directly on your Facebook page. The Facebook tab where your form is published can be customized accordingly with a message like “Enter the contest” or “Enter to win”.


These examples of Facebook forms are a great basis to start building a successful social media strategy that will help you boost engagement on Facebook. Give them a try!


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