How Making Web Forms is Like Making Coffee


by 123FormBuilder

On a wet dull winter day, like most of them are in this season, what can possibly lift your spirits better than a hot mug of coffee? Yeah, that’s quite hard to say. The portion that can breathe new energy in days when you’re a half-asleep, anti-joke kangaroo in slow motion.

A few days ago, one of our teammates was in the middle of the coffee-making ritual at our office, trying hard to reach just the right color and temperature. In the mean time we were trying our hand at creating some pretty form designs with 123FormBuilder – when it struck me. Making web forms is like making coffee. Playing with tonnes. Fixing the perfect flavor. In business, like in a coffee shop, it’s a matter of inspiration and experience to choose the best ingredients or tools, that will lead you to productivity and positive ROI – web forms being part of the toolkit.

Coffee comes in so many shapes and sizes. Espresso, cappuccino, mocha, americano or coffee-to-go, there is a mix for everyone. You rush to the coffee maker, boil just as long as it takes, add sugar and pour the delicious liquid into any assortment of cups is right for you.

Likewise, when building a form you add the necessary ingredients, starting with the fields you need: message fields, star ratings, digital signature field and any others at will. 123FormBuilder’s predefined recipes at this point are the free form templates, from among which you can choose the desired one, or just start from scratch and build your own new flavor.

Next, you will deal with the nuance of your creation, in the Form Themes section. Choose the best form design that matches your intent to make the form irresistible to visitors who come to fill it in. Let your brand be your guide when styling your form; recognition is a strong element in your favor, same as for any coffee shop that takes pride in the distinct flavors on their menu.

Last, you will need to place the final product into its container and deliver it to the craving crowd. This means publishing your form where you need it to be displayed: on your website, blog, Facebook page or within your email campaigns. The whole preparation process of your web form takes about the same time as a coffee would. Just as after sipping your delicious cup of coffee, you will then head to whatever you were doing with this little helper beside you, making sure you are on the path to success.

A gourmet’s delight!

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