How Does 24/7 Support Help Customer Satisfaction


by 123FormBuilder

24/7 hour customer supportSupport is crucial for a SaaS , there’s no doubt about that, but how big of a difference does having it 24 hours a day make? Well, it definitely increases customer satisfaction, a key aspect in both customer acquisition and retention, but are there other priorities?

Depending on the size and reach of your SaaS – and the fact that SaaS companies tend to have a global marketplace – you could have customers from all over the globe and it’s not fair to prioritize support depending on their timezone. A big advantage here would be a to have a multicultural office and offer support in their own language.

When customers receive a response from a real person, interaction with your product and customer satisfaction grow, if this is done in a timely and accurate fashion.

A huge factor in customer satisfaction and your SaaS’s performance is the first time response, on all channels (telephone, email and social media). Customers expect you to respond in a timely manner. Failing to do so will bring down their overall experience with your product.

“There is a direct correlation between the first time of response and customer satisfaction.”

With the telephone, 53% of users believe that a 3 minute response time is reasonable. With email, a 24 hour response time is still considered acceptable, but taking that time down as much as possible will make you stand out from your competitors. On social media that time is as short as 60 minutes, with the recommended benchmark being 15 minutes.

“It’s healthier for customer satisfaction if a company is providing fast and accurate fixes rather than the company not posing any issues for their customers at all.”

Answering fast is always a plus, but being efficient is the cherry on top. As the number of interactions between support and client grows, their satisfaction starts going down. In cases like this, knowledge trumps timeliness.

While great support is definitely encouraged for the reasons mentioned above, it does not necessarily take center stage. If your service still has to invest more in product development, then that should be your number one priority, especially if you’re a startup.

Not having 24/7 support does not mean you can’t provide remarkable customer assistance within reasonable hours. After all, 24/7 support is not what will get you customers, your service will. Sorry for the wake-up call.

This begs the questions, is it necessary at all? Well, chances are there are more services similar to yours on the market, and this is a way to differentiate yourself from them. So yes from this point of view. However, it does not have to come at the expense of your product’s development. 16 hour support will suffice if done timely, and more important, accurately.

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