How Can Web Forms Keep an NPO Community Together – The Story of Save the Bay


by 123FormBuilder

Raising donations, recruiting volunteers, keeping everything in order – this is the classical daily to-do list for most nonprofit organizations. When engagement is at its peak, paradoxically air can get hard to breathe, unless someone (or something) can help you stay organized. Web forms are part of the essential toolkit that makes life of a nonprofit easy, even during hectic campaign times.

We had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with our customers from Save the Bay, the non-profit member organization founded in 1970 that is working to protect and restore Narragansett Bay and its watershed. During the years,  the 123FormBuilder team has developed a very special relationship with our customers from Save the Bay, and we are glad to be part of the puzzle that helps them succeed day by day. Here are the takeaways we grasped from their experience with 123FormBuilder.

Save the Bay organizes volunteer programs for children and grown-ups to explore Narragansett Bay. This way, tomorrow’s leaders get to acknowledge how important the Bay is to the economy, environment and quality of life. Most of the work on organizing the programs is carried by volunteers, therefore a big challenge for the staff is to gather around passionate individuals that can think and act together to achieve the goals of the organization. An effective interface of communication with them is the nervous system of the entire endeavor. Formerly, Save the Bay used to gather volunteer adhesions through postal mail, however in time this proved cumbersome, hard to manage and well… slow as a snail. An online solution was needed.

Joshua Cherwinski, IT Manager for Save the Bay, knew online forms were the most effective way to manage volunteer registrations. “We looked into creating the forms from scratch or using our CMS, but it was much too cumbersome to setup and lacked the flexibility and accessibility that we needed”, he said. When finding 123FormBuilder, proactivity of the team from the first encounter was what made him stay – the development crew solved a request he made for a new feature implemented to our form builder (stuff we do for our users whenever time allows).

Save the BayFrom then on, Save the Bay team started building volunteer recruitment forms to handle all steps of the process, from enrollment to team management. They also use forms for registration to cruise tours, courses, and junior bay camps, as well as for voting who receives the final honors and awards at the end of each campaign or event. The team uses 123FormBuilder themes to brand the design of their forms in order to reflect the long-established brand of Save the Bay. Form data is managed easily through 123FormBuilder integration with Google Drive.

The other major feature Save the Bay uses is the possibility of accepting donations through forms. They integrate PayPal on their forms and hand out the form link to give supporters an easy way to send their contribution directly to the organization’s account. Funds are transferred securely through the 123FormBuilder engine at all steps.

Bottom line, there is no need for the organization to use complicated software for managing the two sides of their workflow (donations and volunteer recruitment). Flexible web forms created with no coding are just what it takes to connect with supporters at a personal level. “With 123FormBuilder, time savings for our organization are immeasurable!”, Joshua Cherwinski said.
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