Global Marketing Agency Uses Web Forms to Keep Global Team on Task


by 123FormBuilder

This post is part of the 123FormBuilder’s Customer Spotlight series, where our users step in to tell the story. How do businesses use form intelligence to manage their workflow as easy as 1-2-3? Read on and find out!

Joseph Vito DeLucaSponsorPay is a global value-exchange advertising platform that provides currency monetization solutions for online games, social apps and social networks. Launched in 2009, SponsorPay started with an office in Berlin and a small group of talented professionals. Having a great idea and seeing their startup as more than a job was the inner drive to success. They have grown fast from just an idea to a global leading ad-funded payments platform. Now the company is headquartered in Berlin and has other offices in San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul, New York, Seoul and London.

With offices in seven countries and serving a worldwide network of clients across multiple time zones, SponsorPay needed a unified internal marketing collaboration solution to pass along tasks across their global team and to ensure they don’t miss any requests. Client focus comes down to responsiveness and meeting their goals, and staying on top of thousands of requests implies  more than a simple email communication, as Joseph Vito DeLuca the Marketing & PR Manager says: “Using emails it became too difficult to track. Sometimes requests would get lost or forgotten about”.

SponsorPayThey found their solution in a simple Marketing Task Request Form created in minutes with the 123FormBuilder online form builder. ”In the marketing department, we fulfill a lot of internal requests. The web forms are a way for other team members to submit requests and a way for us to track them“ Joseph says.
Facilities such as custom email notification and file upload allowed them to create and organize their task across their global virtual teams and work together as simple and productive as working in the same place.

SponsorPay’s favorite feature is the Google Docs integration. By combining the marketing forms and the powerful Google Docs, SponsorPay has the ability to automatically generate various types of documents with the data gathered from their form. Having all files in the cloud makes it easier for them to access up-to-the-minute data and manage files from anywhere which basically translates into a productivity increase. “123FormBuilder helped us save time and kept us organized. We love the 123FormBuilder integration with Google Docs!“ says Joseph.

All in all we can say that overall benefits of using forms as an effective task management tool goes beyond it’s main benefit, productivity. Communication are hand in hand with success and an effective solution creates a way of building solid business relations and trust.


  1. Hi,
    How about workflow. Is it possible to create parallel flows so that multiple independent groups can act on a form and move it along with or without the acceptance of the other groups. Thanks.

    1. Hello Carla. I have forwarded your question to our support department and they just email you the information about how to create sub-users and grant them access to different groups of forms and different actions.

  2. Im wondering if SponsorPay allows for monetization strategies for growing income via pre-existing iOS applications (specifically games)

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