Get Right These Form Design Tweaks for Improved Form UX


by 123FormBuilder

Inadequate form design is a major reason for site abandonment. When shaping up forms for your website keep in mind that they are for the visitors – the friendlier the filling process, the more engaged your prospects will be. Here are some easy tweaks on this matter, that go a long way.

State the reasons for asking visitor’s data

A recent study found that 32% of those surveyed said they’d instantly drop out if a website was asking for too much info. Well, who can blame them? Personal data is a sensible matter and your visitors might get wary if you ask too much of it without offering a relevant reason.

Indeed, it’s tempting to ask for all sorts of questions but think “form conversion” and keep on track with the overall goal – purchase. When in need to ask for personal data make sure to insert that magic extra-info case to clear everything out and shy away friction. A good example to practice this is for the phone field – a place to assure your visitors that they won’t  be assaulted with unsolicited calls if they give away their mobile number.




Highlight the optional fields

Here’s a fancy wording for you – “voluntary disclosure”. What does this have to do with forms? As this research shows, we are programmed to give away more information than we need to when it comes to form filling. But guess what – pointing fields as “required” turned out as a downfall on this matter. According to study, marking fields that are optional encourages visitors to complete the form. Why? Because visitors land on forms already set to fill them out. Telling them what’s not mandatory (but nice to offer) cuts down their work and increases chance to have your form filled out.


Keep form filling process transparent

Lengthy forms aren’t enticing at all. But if you really, really need to stretch your info gathering then go for the multi-page form. Once you choose this format make sure to offer constant feedback on their track. Having no clear vision of when the process will be over could make them stop sooner than you’d want. Keep in mind to label each stage accordingly – here’s a good example:


So, what do you think? Not hard at all, right? When thinking that better form design can account for more signups or downloads or sales, these little changes become your ace in the hole. Good luck with lead generation!

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  1. Muy interesante artículo. Nosotros en nuestra agencia usamos muchos formularios de su web. Creemos que los estamos utilizando bien pero no sabemos si les sacamos todo el provecho. ¿Podrian verificar el de mi cliente ?

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