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by 123FormBuilder

In the era of the Internet of Things, no business with online presence can afford not to accept payments online. The cost of opportunity is simply too high. But why are online transactions so popular? It’s simple: they are just fast and comfortable. Add shipping facilities and voilà, you just gave your customer the perfect reason to enjoy what he wanted to buy, without getting out of his slippers further than to open the door for the mail man.

But sometimes getting paid online can turn out to be very challenging: it needs to be fast & easy, but it needs to be equally safe. If safety will difficult the process, then your potential buyer will choose someone else. If the process is done in a snap, but it’s too risky he’ll be gone even faster. Balance is always the clue. Luckily we have the pill for this back pain: Payment integration. Allow your customers to pay online in a secure and streamlined way without leaving their couch comfort, and receive the money under the same conditions.

Why use Payment Integration?

  • It’s fast. It will just take about 1 minute to make the payment.
  • It’s easy. Just fill in the fields. The process is simple and intuitive.
  • It’s trustworthy. You’re backed up by the security protocols run by the best payment processors in the world: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net & many others
  • It’s a fantastic option for mobile friendly purchases!

I know what you’re thinking. But you don’t need to be Home Depot or a retail monster to get paid online. Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re a photography lover and you have your own website where you display your latest shots. Why not monetizing your work?

You can start by adding printable goodies with the images your visitors love. Portraits, mugs, t-shirts, build your order form with the options you consider and choose your preferred Payment gateway. You can select PayPal as your first option, since it’s the best-known. All your client needs to do is place his order and he’ll be redirected to a secure payment page where he will provide his PayPal credentials and you’ll get the money of your sales directly to your PayPal account.

payments integration

You can even opt for providing more than one payment gateway, offering more payment options to your clients.

But I don’t know if my customers have PayPal accounts, can’t they pay with their credit cards?’. Didn’t I say we got you covered? You can let your customers pay for your products without the need of a PayPal account: just use PayPal Pro as your payment processor! That gateway will allow them to pay directly from their credit cards, and you will receive the money straight to your PayPal account. That’s it. Ain’t it simple? Our friends at PayPal offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to payment options so you may want to check which option suits you best.
Now let’s say your photography site is going well, the mugs and t-shirts are paying off and your traffic is growing, so you feel you could spice it up a little bit. Why not charging a subscription? You can offer your visitors a monthly or yearly subscription and provide them with full-quality downloadable images for their own purposes. ‘But how could I charge them a subscrip…?’. Oh wait, bingo! It couldn’t be easier: just add one of our payment processors which accepts recurring billing (almost all) and enable the option. The payment will be made automatically at the beginning of each period!

online recurring payments form

And the fun doesn’t stop here! You can even create coupon codes and offer discounts to those customers you want to keep around, or those who need the final motivation to take the purchase decision.
But let’s step out capitalism for a moment. Forget about photography, goodies and subscriptions. If you’re an NPO and you’re collecting donations for your cause, you can also set your Donation Form to accept donations online through our payment gateways. Just create it and make sure to tick the option ‘Payment represents a donation’. Make sure you ask for our NPO discount when upgrading!

donation form with paypal integration form

Done! You’ve professionalized your business and created a great buying experience for your customers. Fast, safe and easy. What do you think about it? Are you planning to implement payments on your forms?

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  1. We are a non-profit social organization who already collects registration via paypal. We would like an integrated form with our member registration. We use go-daddy for our website

    What would be the monthly platinum cost for our non-profit? We are fully filed as nonprofit with the IRS as a 401(c)

    Thank you

    Jan Yager

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