Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Your Business


by 123FormBuilder

If there’s one thing that every business, regardless of the industry, needs in order to succeed, it’s lead generation. Real estate is no exception to the rule.

That is easier said than done but the following tactics will sure come in handy for real estate professionals:

Starting a Real Estate blog

Whether it’s sharing marketing information, latest news in real estate, free educational tools or tips for buyers on how to find their dream house, a blog post can generate leads for a long time after it has been written. The nature of the industry gives more than enough possibilities to produce valuable content. Go for inspirational stories, videos, include images with houses on the market, in a nutshell be sure to provide quality content and entertaining information and  you’ll start converting visitors into leads.

Integrating lead generation forms into your website

estimate form template
Help visitors get what they need on the spot. Compel them to exchange their contact information for free-of-charge educational tools, bonus tips, customized home listings updates, etc. There are quite a few types of lead generation forms you can integrate into your real estate website. You can start with these free form templates.

How much is my home worth formA free home valuation will retain website visitors and help you build a future client list. Remember that in all likelihood, website visitors will be compelled to fill in short and simple forms split in two or three pages rather than a long and laborious one. You do need information from them to provide an estimate of their home value, so a multi-page form feature will come in handy.

Find your dream home form– Visitors who are doing their research for a house, whether they’re renting or buying, can easily submit their search criteria through a form and receive information on the properties that meet that criteria and are available for sale. Win-win.

Auto-Pop up forms– Integrate these type of forms into your website so visitors can sign up to view more details of listings or whatever else you believe it may be a useful incentive. These get noticed more. Set your lightbox form auto-popup on screen after a period of time of your choice.

The traditional contact form Get visitor contact information by drawing the visitor’s attention towards how you can actually help them. Make it easy for them to see quick benefits and how they can simply sign up to receive those benefits.

Generate leads through social platforms

Everything revolves around social media nowadays, therefore social media networks are great for marketing a business. Monitor the activity of your target audience, check what they’re sharing and what they’re saying. Expand your audience and your marketing messages can bring you valuable prospects for your business and then you can nurture them into leads.

Let us know in the comment section below if you found these real estate generation strategies helpful and stay tuned for even more useful tips and advice.

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