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by 123FormBuilder

In the era of information and technology there is an abundance of tools out there you can use to grow your company. However, the basics have remained the basics and fishing for contacts from the largest pond around is still a great first step. So it seems only natural to combine two essential business elements: gathering leads and Facebook.

One is a highly important tactic for generating business. The other, the largest and most used social media platform on the planet. The marriage between them seems like the natural flow of things, but there is an extra element here which makes it look so easy, the online registration form.

The online registration form is made from a highly malleable material, specifically designed to cater to your every need. It is highly shareable and easily distinguishable on a Facebook page, and it does its job very well.

There are multiple types of online registration forms, and we assure you that there’s a form out there that will fit you like a glove. We’ve put together three of the most commonly used online registration forms.

The Newsletter Registration Form

The newsletter registration form is one of the most successful forms in gathering more leads. It can be used regardless of your domain of activity, whether you’re a small business or non profit organization. Furthermore, the form can be integrated with a number of applications so that gathered data goes directly there.

Newsletter Registration Form on Facebook

If conversion is where you need improving, here are some tips and tricks on how to get there.

The eBook Request Form

Same as the newsletter registration form, an eBook request form can be a hugely successful lead gathering tool. Given that eBooks are a trend in today’s business environment, you can’t go wrong. They can be made available to a large number of devices, they’re easily shareable and they greatly enhance personal and brand image. Just make a form, publish it on Facebook and witness the results.

eBook Request Form on Facebook

You can even set a personal or quirky message of when a person fills out the form. The message can either thank them or tell them about a promotion or contest on your website.

Contest Entry Form

Everybody loves a contest. Whether it’s a voucher draw, a money draw or a trip to an exotic island draw, everyone’s in on it, the more luxurious the better. The contest entry form can raise your business’ online profile and has the power to engage a large audience. These are some of the traits that make it a great type of an online registration form for gathering more leads.

Contest Entry Form on Facebook

As an alternate “thank you” message at the end of the form, you can invite them to visit your website or offer them a discount code, that should make things more interesting.

These are three of the online registration forms that have yielded a fruitful number of gathered leads. Together they are a great starting point for a hopefully amazing 2015. Play around with them and see what results they bring you, and let us know!

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