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by 123FormBuilder

By now maybe you have noticed that making things better and better is work in progress at 123FormBuilder. Following this case we’re here to share some ins and outs about our latest features – filtering reports based on submission status, changing the favicon of your account and more. Let’s get on with it!

Filter reports based on submission status

It’s wise to make your form filling process as user-friendly as can be. On this matter, offering the option to save and resume later will surely encourage your prospects to give you their input. Getting back at you – this means that you’ll have two types of submissions in your dashboard – incomplete and finished. Crowding them together can turn quite frustrating. So let’s organize things a bit with one tiny but very helpful detail –  one awesome reports filter.

It’s easy to set it going. The trail goes like this: Click on Reports – Edit Report – Report Filters – Add filter. Remember: this filter works only when the option Allow respondents to save the submission and resume later is enabled (in Settings → Advanced)


Add a Google interactive map to your forms

Moving on. Let’s say that you organize an event and want to help guests find your location and route to your place as quick as possible. This is when the brand new Google interactive map comes in. Along with the general info fields, place in your form this type of map and let your guests navigate through. You can add it from the Editor (Advanced fields) with a simple drag-and-drop.


Tweak the web form look with your favicon

If you’re a Diamond user you know that you can customize the look of your 123FormBuilder account as you wish. In order to keep your brand consistent all the way now you can also change the favicon of your account with your own graphic. It’s a useful feature for branding browser appearance in just a few seconds. To make this change login to your account, hit the “Change Account Details” button and in the dialogue box paste the URL of your favicon.


White label improvement

The scenario for this feature is as follows: you’re a White Label user who wants to remove all references to 123FormBuilder from the main page and customize the image slider so that your users see nothing but your own branding. No sooner said than done.

Simply login into your account, click on the “frontpage image” section on the right, upload your image then logout to see the changes. Here’s one example of how the slider page looks with the new improvements.


So, what do you think? Let us know how these improvements work for you and stay tuned for more.

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