Data-Driven Manufacturing with Online Forms

Sorin Staicu

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Make no mistake about it: manufacturing is a data-driven business. Moreover, identifying and implementing suiting manufacturing software solutions is decisive to future-proof manufacturing companies and keep their edge in an increasingly competitive business environment. 123FormBuilder provides a no-code platform that empowers manufacturing enterprises to digitize data collection and go fully paperless.

The data-driven imperative is a reality for most current businesses, not only for those operating in the manufacturing sector. Improving, simplifying and digitizing data collection and data governance is paramount in order to streamline data-driven decision making, develop data-driven functionalities, and stay competitive on a global playfield.

So, what do you need to know about manufacturing forms and active data collection to ensure smooth sailing through the stormy waters of the 21st century? Well, if you are part of a manufacturing company, you surely know precisely where the operational bottlenecks usually occur and what the managerial challenges are in your particular case. However, by working with a few manufacturing companies, we think we have identified the main areas where most manufacturing companies need to put in some work.

Three Measures to Future-Proof Your Manufacturing Company

If nothing else, I hope you leave this page with the following three actionable insights.

1. Update Your Data Collection System

Insufficiently optimized data flows and digital protocols generate extra costs and frustration. 123FormBuilder aims to provide manufacturing companies with an effective fix by empowering manufacturing professionals to gather and share data throughout the organization seamlessly. From timesheets to internal orders and maintenance reports, the information will arrive where it is required, when it is expected.

2. Minimize Data Collection Errors

Whether it’s a field report or a travel request, the ability to effortlessly, efficiently, and securely gather, store, and analyze data in a predictable environment is crucial to clarify internal communications. Our no-code, data collection and governance platform offers error-prevention features out of the box, with many others easily developable with little or no required coding.

3. Focus on What Matters: Manufacturing

While operators and engineers would rather shift focus away from paperwork and onto manufacturing activities, managers and stakeholders require as much data as possible to improve processes, productivity and drive business growth. Finding the perfect balance requires minimizing data-input time and maximizing data-driven benefits while granting transparency and instant department interconnections.

OK, this is all good and exciting at a conceptual level but, to understand how a great manufacturing data-collection and governance platform can help out with day-to-day manufacturing operations, let’s go through a few key use cases.

5 Key Use Cases for Using Online Forms in Manufacturing

Field Reports

Whether your field agents need to fix a particular issue, perform an inspection or provide certification, satisfaction comes from getting the job done. The pain starts shortly after that when they are required to identify, fill in, compile, and validate several different forms that often do not fully apply to the situation, losing a considerable amount of time in the process. Here are four ways in which 123FormBuilder can help iron out time-consuming inconveniences:
Build ballast-free forms using our granular conditional logic in-app tool
– Insert field data from the service form with prefill capabilities and predefined selections
Get authorizations – easily add digital signatures and multimedia documentation
Send the data to the relevant parties through seamless software integrations


The automation of data collection and data processing procedures allows manufacturing companies to align worked hours and expenses with accurate and fast reimbursements. Moreover, preparing invoices to your final customer is much easier and faster when all the field data is instantly available. Here are four neat functionalities that 123FormBuilder provides to smooth out the processes associated with timesheets:
– Prefilled form fields that require minimal extra input from users
Unlimited time fields and expenses based on your specific requirements
– On-the-go, “save for later” feature allowing users to manage data-syncing
Pre-calculation capabilities, minimizing central-office data-processing

Internal Orders

Easy to build and a breeze to update, our digital forms allow manufacturing companies to guide the users through available choices, limiting the massive mail exchanges occasioned by incomplete or unclear communications. Here are three reasons to consider 123FormBuilder for the management of your internal orders:
– Easily limit and track the number of requests per item
Enhance order forms complexity while reducing processing time
Increase accuracy and broadness of pan-organization communications

Digital Guides

Transform the way your field operatives communicate with the central office when in search of a specific piece of information, a contact person or procedure by using one solution that interactively guides the user to the necessary information. The purpose is to simplify the process and eliminate frustration by minimizing the need for time-wasting internal email, phone, and fax communications. The following is a three-step process flow you can build from within the 123FormBuilder platform:
– Build a form that maps out procedures, stakeholders, contact details, etc.
– Create form rules mirroring relevant roles and connect landing pages to the form
– Use in-form conditional logic to guide the user toward the desired information

How We Do It at 123FormBuilder

Advanced, easy to use form builder

123FormBuilder has been designed, built, and is constantly being developed with functionality and ease of use in mind.

Conditional logic functionalities

Through our conditional logic feature, the 123FormBuilder platform offers users the ability to trigger events and tailored form fields.

Online and offline forms

Fully functional offline forms and syncing protocols remove the requirement of a permanent internet connection.

World-class security options

All data is encrypted and securely stored on AWS servers in multiple data centers across the US or Europe, depending on your requirements.

Database backup and data recovery

We have implemented fail-safe mechanisms throughout our technology stack to ensure data redundancy and maximum uptime.

Powerful user management system

Being able to offer differentiated access and operational control over the data-collection platform is paramount for a sound data governance strategy.

Tailored workflows and chain approval

123FormBuilder empowers manufacturing companies to streamline their decision-making and approval processes through automation and transparent digital workflows.

Data-logging and audit trail reporting

May it be a regulatory audit or a specific stakeholder request, being able to find out precisely what happened is crucial for a manufacturing company.

Virtual databases and dynamic prefills

The dynamic prefills feature allows real-time user-interaction (UI) and database updates, minimizing the need for constant database pruning.

Authentication-enabled form access

The ability to gate your data-collection touchpoints through the use of authentication protocols minimizes the risk of data pollution and industrial sabotage.

Advanced third-party software integrations

No software solution, no matter how advanced, can satisfy the requirements of a manufacturing enterprise unless it integrates seamlessly with its current software ecosystem.

Vanity URLs and tailored implementations

Whether it serves branding purposes or specific operational needs, we make sure that 123FormBuilder services are tailored to your company’s specifications.

Granular process auditing and optimization

If there is a way to save you and your clients some time and money, we will find it. Digitization only makes sense if it drives both innovation and optimization.

Dedicated account management

Your account manager acts as your ambassador within 123FormBuilder. Rest assured that he or she will keep you up to date throughout your projects, from idea to delivery.

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