Facebook Forms Part Two: Feedback Forms


by 123FormBuilder

As highlighted in the first part of this series, our forms get along quite well with Facebook. You can use them to increase your reach, to boost engagement and facilitate certain processes like event registrations. Well, in order to achieve all the above you’ll need to know how to use a few types of forms and how to adapt them to benefit your business. One form from this essential toolkit is the feedback form.

To ease your work you can start with a feedback form template and customize it to your own needs. Use our features to the fullest and you’ll be surprised how many processes you can enhance and how much time you can spare.

Online feedback form on Facebook page

This is a more general approach that we recommend you to use on the long run. Adding a tab in your facebook menu called “Feedback” can improve the level of communication you developed with your fans. Why is this more special than the Message section that Facebook provides? There are several reasons why you should consider implementing this:

  • Privacy – the messages come directly in your email inbox and are not publicly shared by default. So you can deal immediately with complaints and address your customers at a more personal level.
  • Task management – sometimes the messages we receive on Facebook are not to be answered by your social media manager but maybe by someone from your technical department or support team. By adding an 123FormBuilder feedback form you can enable custom notifications so that the information will arrive to the right person or department to be taken care of.
  • Ease of access – this comes in handy if you use any of our 3rd party apps. Thus, if you already use a CRM, you can import the contact information from the form and gain new leads. Moreover, if you use a customer service software such as Zendesk, all filled forms will act like a support ticket and be transferred to your help desk. Check out our full features and find out new ways in which a form can be used.

Feedback form for facebook

This new tab will not affect any of the published tabs. You can add up to five forms using our application and have full control to update or remove them at any given time.

Facebook feedback form for post-event evaluation

If your feedback form is related directly to an event, it will be better to post it directly on your event page. You can easily create your form and use the custom URL available in your Publish section. Publish it as a regular post on your event page and then Pin it to the top so it will be the first thing that people will see when entering your page.

Event feedback form

Don’t limit yourself to what Facebook has to offer natively. It is a great platform to engage your community so use all the suitable tools to add value and maximize its potential.

Stay tuned for the rest of the series coming up about the use of forms on Facebook.


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