ExactTarget Lists vs Data Extensions: 123FormBuilder Integrates Both


by 123FormBuilder

exacttarget-logoThe common thought about email marketing is that there’s always a great deal of leg work behind administering subscriber databases. You know updates, imports and exports and things like that can get really tiring. However, it’s not right. The real task for you as a marketeer should be getting people to sign up to receive your emails, not sifting through databases.

Collect subscribers the easy way

This is where integrations such as 123FormBuilder and ExactTarget come in handy to make your job easier. You gather subscribers using your forms such as newsletter signups, event registrations, landing page forms and others. Then you import data into ExactTarget in a tagged way, in order for it to be prepared for segmentation while planning future campaigns.

When you use ExactTarget for managing your email campaigns, you have two options for storing subscriber data: Lists and Data Extensions. The good news is that 123FormBuilder can now send form submissions to both data models. That is right, we are now fully equipped for all ExactTarget database use cases.

Lists or Data Extensions after all?

As an ExactTarget user, you definitely have your favorite data model that you work with from the two. Generally, Data Extensions are more widely used by large organizations. If you haven’t decided yet between the two, here are a few hints on what you might want to choose.

Lists are more practical if your aim is to store just subscriber data, recognizable by Email as a unique identifier. They are simpler to setup and suit tables with 500,000 subscribers or less. Data Extensions are more complex and abstract, allowing you to house subscriber data plus other types of relational data, in large amounts and with more subscriber attributes at your choice. You can find on their page the complete technical description of the differences between the List-based data model and the Data Extensions-based data model in ExactTarget.

For both data sources, 123FormBuilder integration has identical starting steps. You just need to access your 123FormBuilder account and locate the form you wish to import data from. In the Settings – Applications section, add the ExactTarget app and connect. Just in the Customization box of the app there are slightly different ways around.

The integration with ExactTarget Lists is available for use starting with the Gold plan of 123FormBuilder, while Data Extensions integration requires an Enterprise plan. Interested in using the latter? Just hit the button below and fill in a short form! We will get back to you in no time.

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