How Great Entrepreneurs Think And Act- 15 Business & Motivational Quotes


by 123FormBuilder

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. I don’t believe any successful entrepreneur ever pretended something like this. Though, there are great examples out there from people who did succeed with their vision and turned it into a millions of dollars worth company.

What characterizes successful entrepreneurs and business professionals? How do they think? How do they handle failure? As many of you have their own businesses or are about to enter the winding road of starting a company, we thought about offering a bit of push from behind, just to keep your spirit high. That’s why we’ve put together 15 motivational business quotes to make you hang in there and never stop trying ‘til you reach your goal.

Failure is nothing singular. Great entrepreneurs fought with it too. Here’s what they say:

Don't worry about failureTweet this quote

If I failed I wouldnt regretTweet this quote

Only thing worse than starting and failingTweet this quote

You don't learn by following rulesTweet this quote

So how do you start something successful? These ideas and vision hide behind valuable businesses:

Ideas are easyTweet this quote

Tell a storyTweet this quote

Entrepreneur is someoneTweet this quote

Best startups generallyTweet this quote

… And that’s what keeps you going and keeps you up on top:

Secret to successful hiringTweet this quote

Think about in the showerTweet this quote

If you're not embarrassedTweet this quote

Deliver more than expectedTweet this quote

Timing perseverance ten yearsTweet this quote

Working on the right thingTweet this quote

Competing against ourselvesTweet this quote


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