Enterprise Forms For The CIO, Part 6: The Benefits Of Subusers


by 123FormBuilder


The open space of the World Wide Web has brought us tons of benefits, but also raised new demands. Internet is all about collaboration. Sharing information, working together while apart, storing data, all are possible and let us experience new dimensions. In this spirit we wanted to show you that our form builder work on the same premises.

Continuing our series about white label forms it’s time to show you how easy it is to collaborate and manage things under a single account with the aid of subusers.

The number of active subusers per account can be changed according to your purchased plan. For enterprise solutions you can always contact us and we’ll find together the perfect solution for you.

What are subusers?

In your 123FormBuilder account you can grant access to multiple people to use forms, access reports and submissions and export data. This option is available in the User section from your account dashboard.


When adding a new user to your account you can select between an administrator, which will have full rights, or a standard user and manage their permissions.

Now let’s talk a bit about the user management and how you can implement permissions:

  • you can choose which forms they see – divide them into groups and grant access to them only to the wanted persons;
  • you can decide what a subuser can do with your forms – you can choose between View Only, View & Edit or View, Edit & Create;
  • you can add all the above options to Reports, Submissions and Settings – so a subuser can only see the stored data, edit them or even export and more.

All these permission options are made to give you control over your shared space. In this way it can be an simple and accessible way to have multiple persons working under a single account. Moreover, as an owner of the account you can always revoke all or some of this permissions, add or even delete subusers.

Each new user added on your account can access the platform under your rules in complete security because each subuser can have a subaccount password.

How can subusers help you in real life

Such a cool feature has unlimited use cases and scenarios, but can adapt for every industry, from small organizations to really large enterprises. Here some of the popular usage instances from our users:

  • Large enterprise – The most frequent case is the use of forms for internal communication. As an owner, you can set subusers for each department and let them use the forms without interfering with the work of others. You can use forms in HR to evaluate employees, you can use them in Marketing for lead generation or event registration, or any other department. Employees from one department won’t need to see the forms from the others. It is an universal solution which can adapt to every department inside an enterprise.
  • Education – It is a great asset for a school because with a single account you can grant access to all teachers to use quizzes, or to school administration to gather donations, sponsorships or manage student admissions.
  • Web designers – You can save time and money by avoiding coding. Instead of implementing your forms on your clients’ websites, you can create a new user for each of them and allow them to create all the forms they need.

Moreover, if you have been reading our post about platform customization, you know by now that you can make the dashboard to look like you own so your employees or customers won’t even notice they left your website.

Do you think such an option will help you?

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