Enterprise Forms for the CIO, Part 4: Branding Your Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Our blog post series about white label forms hits the road again. We are certainly hoping that all CIOs and form lovers around are aboard. The part you are now reading talks everything related to form branding you wanted to know.

The matter of customizing your web forms to align with your brand comes as the next logical step after setting up your custom form building backend and setting up a domain alias to display your own domain name in the form link. Branding forms is a simple operation to do and we will break it in small steps so that you can take out what you need and make sure you can remake it on your end.

Reasons you’d need to brand your web forms with custom graphics are pretty much obvious. Imagery is part of what makes a brand unique. And branding is what makes the company messages not get tossed in the trash bin (be it a physical one or its online equivalent). The power graphics withheld in identifying the “vibe” of a brand is immense. If you’re not convinced, just take a look at the infographic below, provided to us with the courtesy of Dailyinfographic, and check out what feelings come to you.

Logo color guide

For many reasons, you really need to make your forms recognizable, so that visitors will know from the moment they arrive to the form that it belongs to your company. Of course, if you love our standard 123FormBuilder color scheme and wish to go with it further on, that’s perfectly fine. For those who would like to spend a little more time in tweaking forms’ design a bit, we will pinpoint the main portions of the form that can and should be branded your way. When looking at a 123FormBuilder web form, its brandable elements are:

Logo – it’s the most powerful brand asset. You can replace 123FormBuilder’s logo at the top of the form with your own company’s sign, and you already did about half of the branding job upon your form! This would be the weight a proper logo bears in the eyes of the beholder, when representing your brand.

Text – this refers to the letters used in the form’s content: field labels, instructions, headings and page separators. The font you use can create the effect of brand recognition if it’s consistent with the one(s) used on your company’s website, campaign presentation, marketing materials and so on. And wait! There is even more to the text that you can brand, beyond its font. You can tweak the colors to match the overall color scheme you choose for the form, play with sizes and adjust label positioning. Small tweaks with big effects!

Color scheme – it’s the way you choose to dress your web form. You can either give it a simple, business-like look with a discrete background color of your own brand and matched buttons, or break the boundaries using images within the form, contrasting highlights or flat-shaped controls, and even animated form backgrounds to create a more vivid scene. It’s up to you and your design team which direction to go, with 123FormBuilder’s themes any customization is possible.

And one more element that goes out of the Themes section, but still relates to branding and thus it’s a bonus:

Favicon – it’s the little sign that displays in the browser once you open the form link, next to its URL. It’s of common occurrence that businesses show a minified version of their logo there. When using an external service for creating and hosting your web forms, such as 123FormBuilder, you will get by default a form URL that comes with a favicon bearing the logo of the third party. Fortunately, the 123FormBuilder white label package allows you to replace the 123FormBuilder favicon with your own logo. Neat, isn’t it? And it’s very simple to set up, directly from your 123FormBuilder My Account section.


It’s at every business’ choice how it brands its own forms. Branding becomes a must in the context of embedding forms on a webpage, while it still remains a best practice for each type of form publishing, including linking.

Thinking you might need help with branding your web forms? Our team is glad to give a hand. Just contact us and we will be there!

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