Double Interview: Two New Members of the 123FormBuilder PR Team Introduced to You


by 123FormBuilder


They are two. They are bold and beautiful, ready to rock the scene of the 123FormBuilder PR division. Alexandra and Alex are the new experts that will take the 123FormBuilder name to the world. We did a flash interview with both of them, to unveil a bit more than meets the eye about the new kangaroos in the team. Enjoy!

How did you end up choosing PR?

Alex Balan: Well it actually wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to become an actor, but circumstances made me go down another path, the PR one. When I got to the point of choosing what I wanted to study, PR seemed the most exciting and I wasn’t wrong, definitely a good career choice.

Alexandra Recasan: My dream was to become a dancer. My parents wanted me to take up medicine. No way, Jose, on that matter! For a while I flirted with the idea of trying out acting. I needed creativity in my life as well as challenges. In the end, I chose PR because it’s the perfect mix of the two.

Is there a cause you believe in more than any other cause?

A.R.: Well, I’m kind of biased, since I have a toddler back at home. But anyhow, I discovered that the root of all good or bad which enclose this world starts from one’s childhood. So, I really believe in attachment parenting. Growing up kids with the proper emotional and cognitive “tools” in order to become fair-minded adults.

A.B.: I believe in truth and courage. Facing your obstacles head on, what’s the worst that could happen?

What makes the world go round?

A.B.: People.

A.R.: People with the right amount of coffee in their system.

If you could be famous for inventing one thing what would it be?

A.B.: Teleportation! Travelling and sightseeing is amazing, I’m just talking about those moments when you can’t get somewhere fast enough (like when you’re late for work).

A.R.: The chocolate candy bar with no plumpy consequences.

What is the one invention you can’t live without?

AB: Headphones. Because I can’t teleport, I might as well enjoy my trip with the music I want to listen to.

A.R.: I declare myself not being dependent on anything.Though that morning coffee sure does make the world go round.

What quality do you admire in people?

A.B.: Saying what’s on their mind.

A.R.: Kindness. It melts down the Grinch cover-up on everyone.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

A.B.: Genuine freedom.

A.R.: Creatively, storytelling well crafted. Spiritually, the riddles of this world. Emotionally? I guess… ingenuity.

What is the one thing you would like to achieve in life?

A.B.: Write a book.

A.R.: Peace of mind. Is there any recipe? That, and publish a children story book. Oh, look Alex, we’re both wannabe writers. I guess that’s another reason for ending up in PR.

Which is worse… losing your luggage or having to sort out tangled holiday lights?

A.B.: Definitely losing my luggage, the tangled holiday lights are in there.

A.R.: Never lose the holiday lights. Don’t cry over the lost luggage. You can celebrate in pajamas too.

How do you enjoy yourself out of the office?

A.B.: I very much enjoy reading, all sorts of books, but mostly philosophical books. Other than that I like to play with musical instruments – right now I’m trying out the ukulele – and whenever I get the chance, I am a big Hearthstone fan.

A.R.: My spare time is very scant. Which makes it precious. But somehow I managed to tuck in most of the things I like – salsa dancing, cycling, reading (mostly psychological works) and practicing my amateur photographer skills when inspiration strikes.

How are things at 123FormBuilder?

A.B.: Excellent! I hit the ground running and I settled in quite nicely. The colleagues are fun people and real professionals because they make it look easy. I’m in the right place.

A.R.: Great team! Folks passionate about what they are doing and a chill-working atmosphere. It’s a nice feeling that I’m not on a job mission here but on working together for achieving best of results.

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