Design, Print and Web Forms Go Hand In Hand – Purplex Design & Print Demonstrates It [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

What does a design & print business have in common with an NPO dedicated to preserving a natural bay, and with a company offering play & entertainment services? While we don’t argue you could find some deeper connections at a closer look, one of them is very clear to us: they all faced certain difficulties in managing their business at some point and they’ve all found that using web forms can be the breath of fresh air they needed in order to make their business more efficient.

Meet Purplex Design & Print

Today’s star of our case study is a small, Australia based business named Purplex Design & Print. The family owned and run company offers high quality design and print services both for end customers, as well as for other businesses. All design and printing is done in-house, even for large formats, and the broad gallery of services includes canvas prints, all kinds of photo prints, banners, signage elements for various locations, business materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, letterheads, postcards, magnets and other marketing products. Moreover, the business also offers branding and design services, and is very open to custom design requests.

logo purplex

Having outstanding quality services and offering so many options, it is clear that Purplex deals with many customers and potential clients. When you have a successful business and people notice your work, the more-information requests just start pouring in. And this is how the need for a tool to be by your side along the way appears, a tool that aids you handle all that customer interaction.

The problem

At first, Purplex sensed the necessity for a neat and easy contact method for the customers coming to the company’s Facebook page.

Once the business’ success took off, the owner realised they also needed to streamline the ordering part, the feedback gathering or the product customization points. Therefore, a tool that could take care of the contact method for the Facebook page, but that could handle the other issues at the same time, simply was the patch on the wound.

The solution

After trying out a similar solution which didn’t meet their requirements, nor their expectations, Purplex turned their attention towards 123FormBuilder and its versatile and intuitive form builder.

They’ve built a contact form for Facebook, which stood out so much that it was rapidly noticed by others, who were curious where they could find such a nice contact method. At that point, Purplex Design & Print even began recommending 123FormBuilder to others (and we warmly thank them for that!).

Denni Slorach, Purplex’s owner, told us that our form builder was so easy to use, yet so versatile on the free basic plan, that she just couldn’t wait to see the advanced features from the premium plans.

Besides the contact form for Facebook, Purplex began using online order forms, both with and without payment integration, which were included onto the site and streamlined the ordering process for the customers. 123FormBuilder’s PayPal integration was highly appreciated at this point.

For a better interaction with its customers, Purplex created feedback forms and product customization forms. They were all shared on the company’s website, Facebook page, and even through direct and email links. A plus for the customer engagement, the upload field included on the file upload forms allowed the clients to send over photos and other documents related to their designs.

profile pic Denni SlorachVersatility and intuition in using the form builder, as well as dedicated payment features and advanced customization possibilities worked out very well for Purplex. But time is also an important factor when it comes down to business. That is what Denni highlights, too. “Time saving is a big win. The 123FormBuilder name is trusted in the marketplace. Love them!”.

This is how good design and web forms can go hand in hand, and drive good results. We’re always happy to see nice friendships flourish.


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