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Predefined phone number fields automatically format the phone number field in a way that’s easy for users to fill. The field is organized into the familiar three boxes, yet the entered data comes back to you as one phone number.

That’s all well and good as long as your customer’s country phone number format matches the predefined fields in your web form builder. Otherwise, user frustration arises from forcing numbers into ill-suited boxes.

Form abandonment due to mismatched phone formatting is real! That’s why we are continuing to expand the Number Format menu to help users feel at home on our web forms.

How it works

Go to your Form Editor and add a Phone field. In the Edit Field panel on the left side of the page, select your preferred format. To reduce confusion, use the Field Instructions to leave prompts such as country code and area code.

Supported phone number formats

Here is our growing list of phone number formats. Please note that the listed countries are only examples and may not be the only countries using a particular format.

2-2-4: NN-NN-NNNN (e.g. Denmark)
2-3-4: NN-NNN-NNNN
2-4-4: NN-NNNN-NNNN (e.g. France, Australia, Brazil)
3-2-4: NNN-NN-NNNN
3-3-3: NNN-NNN-NNN (e.g. Poland, Spain)
3-3-4: NNN-NNN-NNNN (e.g. US, Canada, Mexico)
3-4-4: NNN-NNNN-NNNN (e.g. Sweden)
4-2-8: NNNN-NN-NNNNNNNN (e.g. The Netherlands, Switzerland)
4-3-4: NNNN-NNN-NNNN (e.g. Quebec, UK)
4-3-6: NNNN-NNN-NNNNNN (e.g. Romania)
4-3-7: NNNN-NNN-NNNNNNN (e.g. Italy)
4-4-6: NNNN-NNNN-NNNNNN (e.g. Germany)

registration form with international phone number format

If you don’t see your country’s phone number format above, let us know in the Comments section. Read more about custom formatting the phone field.

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  1. i am trying to fill out a form for the USA it requires 3 3 4 format for the phone number how can I put in my Australian mobile phone number ?????

    1. Frank, if you are trying to create a form with us that includes a Phone field and you wish to format it to accept Australian mobile numbers, just choose the suitable format from the Number Format dropdown in the editor. We support 4-3-3s and 2-4-4s among others, so I trust you will find the good match. If you are looking to fill in a form that’s not created with our service and offers a different phone format, you should probably contact the owner (and maybe tell him to re-build the form with us :D)
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I have a case that perhaps is a bit unusual.
    I’m building a form that is intended for people from several countries in Europe (UK, Germany, Belgium and a few others later).
    Asking for their phone number would be impossible using the current Phone field.
    I think the most open-ended, flexible solution to this situation would be to add an option to this field type, that removes the format validation and provides the longest format available (for example: 4-3-7, or add international code box like 3-4-3-7).
    That way, both shorter and longer numbers, including international codes, could be entered and would not give a validation error. (I would also remove the ### signs below the field, when this option is turned on).
    It would be great if you could implement this as I need it in my form asap. (otherwise, I would just have to use a regular text field. and that’s just… not fun. 🙂 )

    1. Hello Dan,

      I understand you would need 4-3-7 or 3-4-3-7 number format for the telephone field.

      If you go to My forms -> click on the form -> Edit -> click on the Phone field, on the left side you can see Number Format and from the dropdown list you can select the number format 4-3-7.

      Regarding the 3-4-3-7 number format, unfortunately this is not possible. We can only create 3-sections number format.

      But, using the custom validation feature, you can create the format that you want and use Instructions to inform about the expected output of the phone field. Here is an example for the 3-4-3-7 number format:
      1 – Add a number field
      2 – under Field Validation select Custom
      3 – in the box that appears under Field Validation write: NNN-NNNN-NNN-NNNNNNN (N= numeric (digit))
      4 – In the Instructions box provide information about the expected output of the phone field.

      Here you can read more about custom validation:

  3. I believe the proper formats for UK and DE are:

    UK: 5-6 (NNNNN-NNNNNN)

    Here are the reasons why:



    You basically have variability in both, and you must be able to validate the prefixes according to the specification. Otherwise, you may be confusing those who are entering data into your forms.

    Thanks for the information, nonetheless. It’s very constructive.

  4. Just to make it clear: The phone format in Brazil is 2-4-4 not 5-4-4, it can be 3-4-4 but it’s common to use the 2-4-4 format.

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