Create Google Calendar Events From a Web Form as Easy as 1-2-3


by 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder now integrates with Google Calendar!

It’s an announcement we’ve been dying to make, as we knew how it can make the life of event organizers so much easier. You now have the power to register participants to your existing events right from your web form, and even let form users schedule new meetings by themselves in your Google Calendar agenda.

Many scheduling applications have gained ground lately, but Google Calendar remains the handiest of them all. It’s reliable, intuitive and always there. Why not make things even simpler? As of now, there’s no need to copy-paste attendees anymore or go through the hassle of setting up a complicated way of synchronizing your lists with Google Calendar. The simplest way to add participants to your existing event is let 123FormBuilder do it automatically for you through your event attendee registration form.

Moreover, you won’t even need a third party to book meetings for you. Let people schedule their own appointments by submitting a friendly web form. You spare time and save your privacy by giving others the possibility to write in your Google Calendar as if it were you, without needing to disclose the account credentials with anybody. Of course, you will be the one to moderate things and re-order meetings later if needed. It’s simple to see who has booked the meetings, so that you can follow up with each request personally.

Enabling the Google Calendar integration on your form is easy; just follow our guide for that. You can set the parameters of your event from the start, such as the title, description, date and time – or you can let your visitors say their word. Their contact data will be sent to Google Calendar and you receive an email notification from 123FormBuilder each time somebody registered.

Whether you work in the events industry or you simply plan a meeting with your team members, 123FormBuilder’s integration with Google Calendar is the virtual assistant you need to let everybody register fast and easy. A conference registration form, for instance, will bring in new participants as you go. For NPOs, web forms synchronized with Google Calendar are helpful in all sorts of situations and especially while registering volunteers for various activities. And the list can go on and on.

So sign’em up, folks!


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