Why & How to Create a Sales Lead Form


by 123FormBuilder

The depth of your leads can make or break the most carefully executed sales initiatives. A lead is a data set that helps nurture a potential relationship with other businesses (B2B) or with consumers (B2C). Developing leads can help you target your sales efforts (and spending!) as effectively as possible.

Sales leads can start small, consisting of as little as a name and an email address. The information can come from various online and offline sources and include data gathered on prospective customers or business partners. This preliminary data can then be expanded with new information, which you can store and analyze with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Salesforce.

Although it sounds impersonal, using technology to gather and process lead data lets you personalize your communications with potential customers and business partners. Building a library of knowledge about your leads improves the chances of developing a lasting, mutually profitable relationship.

Want leads? Just ask!

Reach out for leads with the free, customizable sales lead form template by 123FormBuilder. It can live on your company website, be shared on social media pages, or sent as direct links via email or mobile messaging.

Here are our suggestions for information you might look for in your sales lead web form:

  • a description of the respondent’s company (if applicable)
  • the respondent’s contact information
  • how the respondents heard about your company
  • what products or services are of interest and any further questions

You can also use upload fields for the scanned documents you may receive from B2B leads.

Online sales lead forms can integrate beautifully with 3rd-party apps like Google Drive, MailChimp and Salesforce that help you engage your leads.

Some of the leads that you get will grow into strong relationships that may generate new leads themselves. By fine-tuning your sales and marketing efforts, lead generation is more than worth the time and effort upfront.

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