Conversion Rate Optimization Day 2015 Webinar Roundup


by 123FormBuilder

Last week we held a webinar that was part of the first ever International Conversion Rate Optimization Day. Together with Valentin Radu of Marketizator we spoke about “How to Bring Your Lead Generation to the Next Level Using Simple Tools”.

Here are some key points from the webinar:

  1. A/B testing is a good first step in  conversion rate optimization, but it is only the beginning and it’s certainly not enough.

  2. “We don’t read, we scan – on a laptop that means an area of about 200px”. Focusing your message and attention grabbing techniques are a must when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

  3. You need to use smart forms in order to boost conversion rates – the most important note here is “one size does not fit all”

  4. The webinar also presents an A to Z guideline to lead generation – including tools and tips on how to optimize conversion rates.

How to bring your lead generation to the next level using simple tools from 123FormBuilder.

Thank you very much to those who joined our Conversion Rate Optimization Day webinar and let us know if you have any questions or want more information about the topics discussed.

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