Boost These 2 Activities With Platinum App Integrations


by 123FormBuilder

You already know the great tools you can equip your forms with, now it’s time to see them in action. We’ve talked to a few of our clients in order to understand how these apps benefit their company.

Take a look to a couple of examples of how you can implement stunning apps like Salesforce, Marketo or Vertical Response to your business, or even pull info to your servers with webhooks.

Sales and Customer Support Like a Pro

enrollment form

Education is a pretty tough area to manage correctly. You need to balance the process of bringing in fresh students and keeping a clean process for enrolling them. No one wants to be stuck in Philosophy 101 after signing up for the Web Development track.

A small education institute from Ontario, Canada understood that their success depended on having a smooth flow of students. That’s why they went full digital – online enrollment forms and a CRM solution for interacting with potential students called SalesForce. They now collect the student’s information with a form and move the data into SalesForce through our integration. This way, having a clear overview for contacting the student are simple tasks.

email marketing forms

The Power of Email Marketing

Email is still one of the biggest players when it comes to digital marketing. It’s easy to overlook the impact a newsletter or a seasonal promo might have. That’s why successful companies spend a lot of time on emails – they are proven to work.

With 123FormBuilder you can set up a process of automated email marketing. That’s why many companies choose our contact & lead form – they can bring the emails gathered through forms into their Marketo and Vertical Integration account. From a small bakery in rural England to a big manufacturer of construction tools, they all use our integrations to increase their customer engagement.

So integrating any of these apps can greatly boost the role of the form – besides being a collector of information, it can also transfer it to a platform of your choosing. Here’s the tldr version:

  • Create customer profiles in SalesForce for easy CRM and Sales interaction
  • Grow mailing lists by transferring contact details into Vertical Response
  • Craft customer segments for personalized interaction with Marketo
  • Pull any data into your server with Webhooks

If you need more inspiration, you can check out other examples of how you can integrate your forms with apps to save you time. Integrating with our various apps can help in many cases, so don’t hesitate to try them out! You will surely find something that fits your needs. What do you think about it? Feel free to share your comments below!

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