Black Friday: Grab Your Web Forms and Get Ready to Sell


by 123FormBuilder

Did you prepare your bank accounts for this Friday? No, not because the weekend is coming, but because Friday is… (drum noise please) Black Friday!

While this more and more spreading shopping day is known in many parts of the world, the origins of this international special offer day are less known by everyone.

Did you know that Thanksgiving was initially viewed as a start into the holiday shopping season and that retailers organized all sorts of actions around this day starting with the 19th century? And also: did you know that the term “Black Friday” was initially an… ahm…accident? Ironically (because we mentioned accident) the Philadelphia Police started using this name for the traffic madness that emerged from the shopping crowds. Once they let the cat out of the bag, they couldn’t promote the appellation “Big Friday” instead of the more sinister “Black Friday”.

I’m sure nobody minds if we call it Black Friday, Big Friday, Green Friday or Thick Friday, as long as it’s a win-win both for consumers and retailers. Truth is that the Black Friday phenomenon has grown bigger each year and the shopping rush has done so too.

Thus it’s time to ask yourselves – are you ready for this year’s Black Friday? Have you secured your position in front of your laptop, to be able to jump onto that mouse when e-commerce websites start running their promotions? As a retailer, have you optimized your website and your whole shopping-action strategy for this day?

We won’t tell you how to shop better, but we can sure give you some advice on what you can do as a retailer.

First of all, you have to make sure your website can handle that much traffic and your server won’t let you down exactly when all your customers have full shopping carts which they plan to order from you.

Besides the technical aspects about your website like servers or hosting issues, there is one more thing that can be controlled by you and that can help you pass honorably through the Black Friday rush. You’ve guessed it, I’m talking about online forms.

How can web forms help you with Black Friday?

The first and most basic type of web form that can simplify your retailer life is the humble contact form. Integrate it on your website and people will have an easy way to get in touch with you and ask about specific product supplies, special orders, shipping estimations or supplementary discounts.

Another type of form which can enhance your selling process is the versatile order form. Customers can buy their favorite goods by just adding them on the order form which you can fully customize according to your branding. Maybe you’ll even want to create a special Black Friday theme for your order form – we give you the means for it. If not, you can give it a Black Friday-ish feel by adding some special discount coupons for your customers, because special offers is what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?

When talking about order forms and Black Friday, it’s good to keep in mind that we have all sorts of integrations that can help you out when you’re selling products or services and you have to accept payments. We believe that you can make your favorite pick among the payment gateways we integrate and you can also keep your customers happy by offering them multiple payment gateways on the same form.

Even if visitors are just looking for discounts and special deals when they’re on your website, it’s a good timing to capture their attention and turn them into your followers. If they like what they see, there’s a good chance they’ll want to hear more from you. Maybe you have great deals the rest of the year too – why not keep their eyes on you? Thus, a suggestion worth considering is to integrate a newsletter subscription form on your website. One thing you can do to increase subscribing rates is to add a powerful call-to-action like “Send me other great deals” or “I want to get other special offers”.

Now let me ask you something – is Black Friday totally over once the day passes? My personal guess is not. Because selling products without afterwards tracking how you did is not very efficient. You need some stats and reports on website traffic, order volume and other relevant metrics that can help you appreciate this year’s Black Friday results compared with the ones from last year. Based on 123FormBuilder’s reports generated from i.e. online order forms you can evaluate how many customers bought from you and what products they were keen on this year.

For website traffic, you can use Google Analytics to see how many people visited your website, which were the time spans were more crowded, which pages had the most success, what your bounce rate looks like and how your stand with buying conversion is. With 123FormBuilder you can track form activity by enabling Google Analytics on your web form.

Among the measurements you can do after Black Friday there would be one more factor: customer satisfaction. Do you want to find out what your clients appreciated on your campaign from this year? Or what scared them off? Do you want to gather some ideas on what you could do for next year in order to increase sales volume? There’s no simpler way to find out than asking your customers what they want and how they feel: run a feedback survey and pose all the questions you need to collect the desired information. Eventually, you can use the same reports mentioned above in order to draw conclusions on your current performance and on possible improvements for next year’s frenetic shopping day.

How are your preparations for this year’s Black Friday? We wish you good luck in shopping and selling!


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