Best Event Planning Resources For Your Business


by 123FormBuilder

Event registrations is one of the most used functionality of web forms. So, continuing our discussion from this week when we talked about the importance of a good post-event feedback form, we’ll talk about inspiration this time. Since planning events is almost an ongoing activity in many of businesses, you must have a good resources list. It will be your place where you go to see trends, best practices and practical ideas.

If we provide you an event registration solution, we want you to have great ideas for your awesome events. Thus, here is a list of websites where you’ll find guidance and fresh content. So without further ado, here is the list.

Event Manager Blog – A extraordinary place where you can find all about planning an event. You’ll read article from industry experts who have seen both the side of planning an event and being a speaker at one. You’ll get inspiration for new gadgets to use, trends in matters of conferences and business events. It is an all in one source with relevant information.

Event manager blog

Social Tables – A blog of expert event planners where you’ll learn all the details from ventures to seating and arrangements. A visual way to better understand the planning process with great tips for promotion, social media and marketing.

social tables blog

Special Events Magazine – A great combination of useful advice merged into a great magazine. This is your opportunity to learn more about special event types, decor and see what’s trending now. You’ll meet influential people from the industry sharing their story to help you build bigger and better events.

special events

Event 360 Blog – Designed for non profit organizations is a sneak peek behind the curtains of many powerful events. You’ll get the data directly from the organizers and you’ll see how other plan their events, how their react in unexpected situations and how they promote great causes.

event360 blog

ON24 Blog – Presented from the point of view of an expert in virtual communications, you’ll learn more about the online part. You’ll get useful insight on how to conduct great webinars, online conferences and meetings. It can be an asset for your business to learn more about leveraging the online options.

on24 blog


Hope you’ll get inspired and design the most creative events for your business. And when you do, don’t forget to integrate the use of forms to have the best outcome. 123FormBuilder can be there for you in every step of the planning process with hady online forms. So get started!

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