Behind The Scenes: Meet the 123FormBuilder Support Team!


by 123FormBuilder

We are opening the doors of 123FormBuilder offices, starting a blog post series that will show you just how life in our team really is. Today you are invited to the realm of the Customer Support team, to get a sneak peek on how they make each customer dialogue unforgettable. Step right in, ladies and gents, step right in!

“Hello, how can I help you?” This is how tens of dialogues start every day, with our Customer Support Team on one end and the whole world on the other. Clients from Europe, US, Middle East, Australia and even the Pacific Islands come to knock on our door for an answer and a piece of advice on how to build their web forms with 123FormBuilder.

From their rolling about office chairs, the Customer Support team members hit their keyboards rhythmically. It’s almost like jazz, except they don’t make music, they make ideas, and shed light on web forms to anybody who’s asking. The team ensures that each and every one of the inquiring customers receives the proper care and attention. This is what they do not by trade, but by vocation. A call for human understanding and togetherness in finding a solution for common or less common inquiries.

Thousands of Support tickets, one team

Up to now, over 62,000 Support tickets were solved at 123FormBuilder, and this is just the extent of live chat. If we go look into the historical archives of the Support emails… gosh, would that be Narnia. New customers who get to know the product, repeating customers who are now discovering new facets of 123FormBuilder, or people who just drop by to say hi, like in the chat below that happened on July 16:

Description: Good afternoon Nadia. This is Mark. I came up here to do a little today on my site, and I decided to say hello. My greetings to your team. Great blessings to you all. Will be back later.

(12:49:20)  Nadia: Hi
(12:49:49)  Nadia: Thank you for taking the time to say hello
(12:50:14)  Visitor: Thanks too for your good work to help us all.
(12:50:24)  Nadia: Anytime to wish to swing by, it will be our pleasure to assist you 🙂
(12:50:47)  Nadia: Thank you for your kind words
(12:50:56)  Nadia: Have a great day!
(12:50:59)  Visitor: OK. Im happy with you company.
(12:51:48)  Nadia: That’s a very good thing to hear 🙂
(12:52:26)  Visitor: Pls. just a moment again How did you send the icon?
(12:52:43)  Nadia: The smiley face?
(12:52:51)  Visitor: yes.
(12:53:05)  Nadia:
(12:53:46)  Nadia: In the bottom right corner
(12:54:02)  Visitor: Alright.
(12:55:18)  Visitor: I will study it. Thanks so much & God bless u. I’m fine.
(12:56:16)  Nadia: Thank you so much again for your nice words. It brings me great joy to read such words of appreciation 🙂 . Have a wonderful day!
(12:57:05)  Visitor: Same to you. I will be able to do it the next time we meet. Stay blessed. & Bye for now. Take care.
(12:57:49)  Visitor: It’s been nice meeting you. My greetings to Costina.
(12:58:44)  Nadia: Sure. I will make sure that I will pass them along 🙂 . It was nice meeting you too.
(12:59:02)  Visitor: Thank you.
(12:59:51)  Nadia: You are welcome and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

It happens at 123FormBuilder that we receive such random words of kindness. Or maybe they’re not so random after all… Customer reviews leave no need for further words.

Life as a member of the 123FormBuilder Customer Support team

At the moment, the Support team counts seven people. It’s the cheerful seven whose pictures you’ve encountered if you ever typed a question in the Live Chat box on our website. Yes, they are real people, in every sense of the word. People who work day and night (we have two shifts) to make sure customers from each timezone received the right assistance.

Dragos, one of the newest members of the Support crew, says: “Being in the 123FormBuilder team means Work (1), Have Fun (2), Repeat (3): as easy as 1-2-3!”

In order to explore that idea further on, we asked Andreea, our Enterprise level Customer Support Specialist, how she feels about her work in the company. And she said: “Working here, at 123FormBuilder, has taught me a lot more than expected. I mean, who would’ve thought that I’ll learn to be patient even if I feel like going crazy inside, or to imagine all sorts of workarounds for our users with special needs for their businesses, or that I will reach the point where I’m actually eager to hear if one of the clients with whom I’ve been working with at the form gives the OK, great job! I embrace everything that comes my way because I learn more and more alongside our users and it makes me breach my limits in order to offer the ultimate answer.”

“What I love more at this job is the environment”, Andreea stated next. “It is so relaxing coming to work, start with a coffee, maybe a ping-pong game where I get the ‘good job for the minor league’ speech, then back at my desk, eager to play with my new toys which are all the new features just waiting to be used. The fact that I cannot wait to wake up in the morning on a Monday to go to the office says a lot about how much I enjoy working here.”

Nadia reinforces this viewpoint. “Providing demo forms to customers, talking about achieving goals is a rewarding experience that everyone should experience once in a while. I am extremely impressed with the responsiveness of our users. It is a real joy providing customer service care to our clients”, she said.

Every time somebody enters the chat is a new opportunity for genuine human interaction. “The fact that you communicate with people from the whole world and get a chance in assisting people in achieving their goals when it comes to creating forms makes this a rewarding job to have”, Nadia states.

Life always has its ups and downs, and so does the day-to-day job as a Support rep for 123FormBuilder, but there is always a bright side of things. As Maria states, “the best thing about working as a Support Specialist is that I get the chance to work extensively with people. Why would I like that? Because it gives me the chance to discover things about them and about myself, as well. An introvert by nature, I always wanted to explore the extroverted and outgoing part of myself, and what better way to do it, than by sharing my technical skills and offering support to people worldwide.

Over the course of the several months, I have worked as a Support Specialist, I have learned a lot about staying on top of a situation in difficult times by being patient and resilient. As for the customers I have had the chance to interact with they were all wonderful and collaborative.

From interacting with our customers and from working with my teammates I have learned that friendliness, kindness and calm can go a long way when things on the web (as in life) don’t always go according to plan and assistance is so much needed.”

Customer Support Specialist Peter pinpointed the main traits that define the job description at 123FormBuilder: “Not only while offering support, but also in the daily activities, I like to combine the attention to details, accuracy and time management.”

We will let Chris, Head of Customer Support & Sales, say the words that sum up the atmosphere within the team.

“Here at 123FormBuilder, we love a good challenge. Each day, we provide assistance for users from all over the world. These two reasons alone are more than enough for the support team to always have their coffee ready.

If your question starts with “How do I..” then you can rest assured we won’t give up until your receive a complete and personalized answer. Got stuck when creating a form, setting up the options or perhaps you need an extra opinion? We’ll be more than happy to help.

We do all this on live chat and email, no matter on what plan you’re on.

Okay, maybe it’s not coffee that gives us the passion. We have a wonderful office atmosphere as each individual brings unique perspectives. We are encouraged to speak our minds and don’t follow traditional recipes for getting from point A to point B, as long as we learn from every situation.

Brainstorming sessions about both work and having fun are frequent. You should see our team buildings!

I think this formula has helped us reaching over 1 million created forms (and counting), keeping our clients happy and spreading the word about 123FormBuilder’s excellent customer support.”

To sum up everything being said, there’s one conclusion here: we don’t just talk the talk. We are ready to walk the walk. That extra milestone is a daily routine for our Customer Support team, in the quest of providing each client with the right solutions for their form building needs and wants.

We’d be glad if you found our story inspirational for your own business and would be very happy if you share them with your friends! And stay tuned for the next article in the series, unveiling the ins and outs of another 123FormBuilder department. Which one would it be? Stay tuned to find out!

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