Behind the Scenes: Meet the 123FormBuilder QA Team!


by 123FormBuilder

In the good spirit of telling you one 123FormBuilder department’s story at a time, we are now opening the doors of our Quality Assurance team for you. Read on to find out how life in the Testing and QA department of a busy SaaS company feels like.

Chasing minor to major and critical software bugs. Facing challenges in the code and in human nature. Bliss. These are repeating phases in the day-to-day tasks of 123FormBuilder’s Quality Assurance (QA) team, who act as our tour of defense against any possible glitches in the features that get released to you, our users. They do beta tests upon all the small and big developments, in an effort to take down all those bugs before they get outside. Because who likes bugs after all?

They are our great four (for now, at least, as the team is expanding): Dorina, Bogdan, Claudiu and Madalin. It’s their daily job to turn the newly developed features on all sides before they are being launched. And testing is not the single purpose of the department. Being Quality Assurance specialists, their call is not only to do checks, but also propose ideas of feature optimizations, so that every new launch is user-friendly and perfectly adapted to the needs of 123FormBuilder clients.

The workflow is as follows:

1. Development team releases a feature – yay!
2. QA team does first set of tests and discovers first set of bugs – oh, shoot!
3. The feature is back to Development for fixes – fingers crossed!
4. QA performs the final checks – usually it’s all cool. If not, they reiterate. Again and again.
5. When all the green flags are finally raised, the feature gets launched to our users.


Stress tests, regression tests and usability tests – these are just a few of QA’s weapons. And how do they use them? Well… They seek dysfunctionalities in areas where everything seems to be working just fine. They keep reporting new glitches when the developers are least expecting them. And then they go back to their larger-than-life laboratory experiments, because striving to crush the website is their scope in life.

Does it seem harsh to you? It is. Merciless with bugs is how they are.

By now, you are probably picturing our QA team as negative heroes who are playing rough with the constructions made by the Development team. Actually, it’s not really so. “We are always telling the Development team to regard QA as the first client of their new features. Our best interest is that everything works fine when released to the public”, said Claudiu, Head of QA. “ “We are a shield between our IT and the open world, catching the bugs in our net and preventing any situation where they affect our users”, added Claudiu.

Ok, guys, we get it. Treat your work as medicine, bitter in taste but with great sanitizing effect. The occasional duels with developers are part of the game. Have no fear, nobody gets hurt – maybe just a couple of beer mugs crushed to the floor. Because a lot of beer is involved in the process.

By now, you’ve learned that life in the 123FormBuilder QA team is very adventurous. But there are times when the adventure gets extreme. For instance, Claudiu recalls that their peak of anxiety happened when they helped migrate the 123FormBuilder database from the old servers to Amazon. It was a Saturday when it all took place, and they stayed in the office performing checks after checks. “That was our biggest endurance test, and I’m proud to say we passed it good. We received help from other departments too: Marketing, Customer Support. We cracked some bottles open after everything was over!”, said him.

Our QA team is great and does an excellent job, I say it openly and with no hesitation. It sometimes happens, however, for our awesome customers to be the ones pointing out some bug that has paranormally escaped in the code. If this happens to you, do keep in mind that we are always open to receive reports from our users on


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