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by 123FormBuilder

Whether you are an employer, employee, student or freelancer you are probably set with some go-to books, trainings and apps for time management. Everybody seems to have a tip on this matter, a way to help you get more things done in less time. But somehow they don’t manage to hit the nail on the head; you’re still running out of time when working upon your tasks on a daily basis. How is that?

Everything you’ve learned about time management is useless if you don’t take into consideration the idea that time flies and drags depending on our activities. You simply cannot operate just by the clock, without accordance to your personal sense of time.

There are two types of time: clock time and real time. In clock time, 1 hour represents precisely 60 minutes. In real time, everything is relative. It’s a fact: time flies when you’re having a pleasant conversation and drags when you’re at the post office queue.

Reasons why most time management applications don’t work is that they are made to track clock time, which is often a too abstract of a concept to employ in our daily lives. If we try to, it often generates just pain and misery. “Why didn’t I manage to get more done in 8 hours time?” is a self-tormenting question that gets many of us stuck. However, the answer to that dilemma is simple: you only need to take into consideration productive vs non-productive times and the inevitable interruptions that occur during office hours.

Focus on getting things done, instead on focusing on monitoring time spend – this would be the golden rule of being effective. This is the message sent by the team of our favorite time tracking app. In case you didn’t know, the popular application that in a few years is known as Paymo has recently transitioned to a shiny, bold platform with a fresh design, created especially to help you be effective without concerning exclusively on time:

From now on, the platform not only offers time tracking tools, but a complete set of project management solutions that fit small and medium-sized enterprises like a glove. The new Paymo is chock full of features to make project management a breeze for everybody and save time in-between. The ready-made templates, task lists and milestone alerts can really turn you into a fine project manager even if you’re not one by trade. Collaboration and file sharing features are a must have for any good project management app, thus you can find them on Paymo too. And since you will be needing team management tools, you can find them easily here.

You can also find new Paymo widgets for Windows and Mac, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android. Paymo Plus, their great tool for tracking time you spend working with various apps on your computer, is available in an updated version, as well as their well-known invoicing add-on.

Paymo dashboard

We’ve overheard from the Paymo team that this is just the beginning and more good things are down the road for Paymo users. Planning functions like Gantt charts, collaboration features and others are at the door. As per user request, Paymo will soon be available on Zapier, which will allow for integrations with apps that compliment its functionality like Quickbooks, Xero and many others. We like and recommend Paymo because of their plethora of features, accessibility in price (free plan available) and their understanding that being in time is not everything – being effective is.

How do you manage your time and tasks? Let us know in the comments below!

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