Back to School Forms for Teachers: Best Use Cases


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The new school year is just round the corner, so for all folks in the educational field it’s time to take a deep breath and get ready for new challenges. Since every educator starts off with big plans and researches for the best solutions to adapt her teaching methods, it is only natural to seek for some inspiration sources to come up with new and creative ideas to welcome students. That’s why we think that our web forms for teachers might come in handy and bring a fresh perspective in your classroom.
If you are wondering how to use web forms for education, we have selected the best use cases which our clients from the education sector successfully apply in their classrooms.

Welcome your students

Every beginning gives the opportunity to gain some insight from the past. As an educator, you need to see how students perceived things in the previous year, how to approach them better and which are the areas needing improvement. In order to get such accurate details, you can use a beginning of the year questionnaire and set the appropriate start to the new school year. Moreover, you can use new student information forms to have background about all your students and know them better. Also, it can be a great time to set expectations, that’s why forms and survey are a good way to approach students and learn valuable information to adapt your teaching methods.

Improve the learning environment

Knowing that student achievements are the real payoff for all the hour that educators invest in planning, we want to create the most desirable environment to stimulate their learning ability. Thus, we have to compensate their hunger for new and passion for technology with online, interactive alternatives. For example, you can use a Cornell notes form for class or do fun online quizzes to leverage hard assessments. With 123FormBuilder you can create education quizzes with images, video, and multiple choice fields and keep record of all responses, generate reports and show your students their current status to better observe their improvements at the end of the schooling interval.

Ease teaching and organize better

Having your day-to-day activities planned in advance can substantially shorten the time span allotted for this. Being well-organized will allow you to focus better on projects, assessments and always come up with creative ideas for your class. To achieve this, you can organize a grade book to keep track on how well your students perform. And to return this benefit you can also create a teacher feedback form and let your students evaluate your teaching method. It can be really helpful to put yourself in their shoes for a while!

Encourage student involvement

At this stage, sky’s the limit. Our editor is so versatile that with imagination you can come up with amazing ideas to boost class activities. Now that the new school year has begun, you can come up with a fun getting-to-know-you quiz to let students meet each other and see how well they work as a group. You can use teacher forms even in future projects, creating a storyboard for a project after brainstorming ideas in small groups can help you track their ideas and make adjustment and evaluate them better. To keep things interesting you can implement a poll on your dedicated website or on your Facebook group to collect votes in a student of the week poll.

Enhance communication with parents

An important part in being a truly awesome teacher is to know how to communicate with parents. So you have to be sure you have all the information you need about them. For instance if you prepare a parent request form you can comprise all important information about them in a single database and always know who to contact in case you need volunteers for various school activities. For example, you can create a field trip permission form with a digital signature included and sent in directly to their email. It can be a simple way to ease communication with them and it’s secure at the same time.

These are only some of the use cases and ideas coming from our users in the educational field, but we are sure you can find many other amazing ways to adapt teacher forms. Education is such a vast domain that a versatile tool such as a form builder will surely come in handy. Leave us your thought and impressions in the comment area below!

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