Automatically Generate Various Types of Documents from Your Form Submissions with WebMerge


by 123FormBuilder

So you’ve created the perfect web forms to suit your sales, customer support, HR or other business needs and you’ve already started to get submissions. Now you want to get the most out of that valuable information you’ve collected through your online forms and automate the paperwork process at the same time.

There are numerous cases in which you may need to import information from your 123FormBuilder web forms to generate various documents such as dynamic PDFs, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. Here are just two examples:

You’re working in sales and you need to collect data from your order forms to populate invoices, receipts, contracts or letters when the form is completed? You can easily achieve that and even more by connecting 123FormBuilder to WebMerge.

No need to export every single time. You can easily have the documents automatically generated for you with each form entry.

Or you’re in charge of the recruitment process so you’re  gathering resumes and you need to convert candidates applications into customizable PDF documents? With the integration between 123FormBuilder and WebMerge you can easily set new WebMerge documents to be generated regularly from your 123FormBuilder Application Forms and have them delivered to your inbox.

How can you integrate 123FormBuilder with WebMerge to automate these workflows?

It’s easy. You need Zapier to automate the connection between the two, then simply follow these steps. Once the integration between 123FormBuilder and WebMerge is active, it will regularly check for any new submissions and send them to WebMerge. By default, Zapier checks for new entries every 15 minutes, but you can set another interval of your choice. And you’re done!
Now you can easily generate different documents from your form submissions to simplify your paperwork process and streamline your workflow.

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