Attracting, Acquiring & Retaining Customers through Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Growing a successful business involves putting together a solid, strategic plan, right? Well, let me start by stating the obvious which is that no business can exist without customers.

Therefore,  it all boils down to having a strong strategy in place to attract, acquire and retain customers.

There are a variety of methods and tools you can use but the most important step is to figure out what actually works best for your particular business.

In this article we are going to focus on a proven, cost-effective strategy and that is attracting, acquiring and retaining customers with the help of online forms.


contact form template

The contact form – Having a business website is a must-have nowadays and every professional website, no matter the industry, should have an accessible contact form, as the main contact option for visitors. Why is that? To support communication, connect providers with their visitors and users with the click of the button, to create user engagement. The contact form can be easily optimized to attract potential customers.

How?Use a friendly approach and cater to visitors needs to make them feel welcome.

           ➯Keep the form short & simple for a comfortable user experience.

           ➯Ensure high visibility of the form on your website.

Lead generation forms  These are the type of forms that will help you attract interest by providing value in return to receiving prospective customer contact information. You can achieve that through incentives such as whitepapers, e-books, blog posts, video tutorials or webinars, you choose what works best for your audience.

How? Before anything, set your lead generation goals so that you’ll manage to easily turn consumer interest into a sale.

          Pay special attention to the form design and the copy.

          Use Conditional Logic so that visitors can skip filling out irrelevant fields.


survey template on screen
Research Surveys  It’s easier to search for and acquire new customers if you know the type of customer you’re looking for.  Building a customer profile will help you in identifying your ideal customer. A simple survey is the best tool for that.

How?Demographics will tell you who your perfect customer is.

          Psychographics on the other hand, tells you why they would want to buy your products or services. You need to find out what their needs are.

          You can further make sense of  who your visitors are and where they come from by capturing referrer URLs in your submissions.

         What is your perfect customer browsing for on the internet? Does your ideal customer have a preferred search browser? What topics is your ideal customer interested in related to your field of activity? Asking the right survey questions will help you create the best strategy to not only acquire new customers but also retain them by giving them exactly what they need.


subscribe to our newsletter form template
Newsletter forms  will help you keep them coming back. What solutions is your ideal customer searching for online? Now that you’ve found out through surveys what your perfect customer is looking for, it’s time to provide it!

How? ➯Let your perfect customers know that you want to offer them the solution to their needs, whether it’s product and service information they need, industry advice, tips or news. Emphasize what’s in it for them. They’ll want to subscribe!

            ➯You need to create a compelling call to action. Use the voice of the customer.

            ➯Point your customers to your social media platforms so you can further connect and send them even more updates.

Through surveys, quizzes and polls you will not only be able to gather significant user insights but you can also create engagement and gather feedback while building trust and making customers feel valued. 

How? ➯You can engage them through promotion, online contests and sweepstakes as well as through valuable, personal content. 

           ➯Use interactive quizzes to create a bond between your businesses and your customers by sharing information about topics or products that are of interest  for them.

           ➯ Surveys allow you to ask questions and provide a way for your customers to give you feedback right away. But don’t ask for feedback if you’re not planning to actually use it.

If you’ve already implemented some of these strategies, let us know how they worked for you. And if you’d like to add more strategies to this list, comment below. 

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