An Adobe FormsCentral Alternative Called 123FormBuilder


by 123FormBuilder

It’s been 9 days now since Adobe FormsCentral users cannot create new forms or collect data with their forms, leaving users in need of an alternative home. And on the July 28, they will forever leave the Adobe service as FormsCentral is retiring for good. And we all know how time flies, so leaving it to the last moment is probably not a great idea.

User, we are here to accommodate you! Because we truly know what forms mean to a business and how important it is that they tick your needs. And we understand that looking for a new service that will accommodate you is a long and tedious road, filled with questions about features, prices and other details that will make you feel just like home. Therefore we made it our absolute mission to make sure that transitioning to 123FormBuilder is silky smooth and that you’ll find everything you left behind with Adobe FormsCentral.

Let’s show you what we did to enable the cleanest transition possible to a service that will accommodate your needs.

The dedicated Adobe FormsCentral Alternative web page

User-friendly is the word of the day when it comes to this page. As someone who doesn’t know what 123FormBuilder does for their amazing users, here you will find all the necessary information. First, it takes you through the import tool, easy as sliding on a tobogane. All you need is a 123FormBuilder account, after which you can start importing forms.

The benefits of our import tool is that it reproduces the layout of your existing form and it also offers the possibility to import old submissions into the 123FormBuilder database. Kind of like moving your furniture and putting it in the exact place it where it previously was.

Adobe FormsCentral Import Tool

Created an eBook to better explain 123FormBuilder

We know that most of the users who left FormsCentral are looking for a similar alternative, so we compiled a list of our features and how they are similar to Adobe’s service.

123FormBuilder Core Features

Click the slide button on the right of the screen and download our eBook. In it you will find all the necessary steps you need to take to transfer from FormsCentral to 123FormBuilder. Additionally, you will find detailed information about all our core features, such as data export to PDF, 3rd party integrations or custom reports.

Switching to a new service is never easy, but we are here to assist you whenever you have questions, just ring the bell. Also, inside the eBook, you will find a special surprise. It shouldn’t be hard to find.


  1. I have been using your services for years for my web clients. I have NO IDEA what you are presenting in this page. New service? Old service?

    1. Hi,

      It’s not new service, it’s the same service we offer. As Adobe FormsCentral retires on 28th July, we offer people the possibility to import the forms from their Adobe account into a 123FormBuilder account.


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