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Finding the perfect team synergy between people who work together is sometimes hard, other times seemingly impossible, and in a few particular situations it just happens – like magic. Here at 123FormBuilder, we’ve had a natural and beautiful team expansion that truly speaks for itself. Today we’ll show you just who we are – just prepare to scroll down, people!

We have a team that outgrew two office places by now. With only two members back in 2008 which are the co-founders of 123FormBuilder (Tudor Bastea and Florin Cornianu) we now count 20+ team mates and collaborators, working together to make our form builder even more friendly and rich in features.

Of course, we’ve had our ups and downs as all teams do, but we like to think we are constantly learning from mistakes and going strong. Work and fun are notions that we love to mix and so far it’s been a proven secret recipe to… well, more sympathy from our pizza delivery guy, who says we’re cute.

So, ladies and gents, here’s the 123FormBuilder team in its fullness!  (Notice the cool 123 tees we’ve customized? We’re pretty jazzed about them :D)

123FormBuilder team gif

Now let’s have a closer look to see who everybody in the picture is. First in the spotlight is our Development and QA team, the backbone of everything we do here at 123FormBuilder.

123FormBuilder team photo

Let’s now meet the Support team, the people who are there to welcome each one of our users who needs guidance in working with 123FormBuilder.

123FormBuilder team

Here comes the Marketing and Sales team. They all love every chance to speak about 123FormBuilder to anybody listening, and you’ve probably already met them on the Blog!

123FormBuilder team

The CEO of 123FormBuilder, Florin Cornianu, and the CTO Tudor Bastea are the two people who brought 123FormBuilder from a mere idea to the great company it is today.

Florin Cornianu and Tudor Bastea

Wondering why we have such smiles on our face? Well, we really love our work 123FormBuilder, for many reasons. Besides everybody doing what he or she loves, we also have:

  • Daily and monthly company-wide meetings where we hear about the accomplishments of each other and learn how to make ourselves useful for the team (we use the Agile workstyle)
  • Darts tournament as you can see here
  • Nice soundtrack in the office – when we were a smaller company, each one of us took turns at choosing the playlist. There’s a fierce competition between rock fans and electronica lovers around, so now we just vote which side to take each day.
  • Teambuildings with lots of fun
  • Cake on the birthday of each team mate – everyone loves to be part of a group celebration once in a while
  • Free coffee, snacks and a fruit basket
  • An office with a beautiful wide-angle view of our city

It’s a lot to say about our team, but I’d like to pinpoint just one thing at the closing of this post: we couldn’t have managed to reach the stage we are today if it weren’t for you, our customers, and we really mean it. You always gave us valuable feedback and motivated us to ever get better at what we do. It hasn’t been an easy road to follow, but we’re enjoying every step of it!

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