A Lead Gathering Form Bouquet: RE/MAX Real Estate Sales Representative [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

When was the last time you bought a house? Not thought of buying one (which we all dream of every now and then), but actually bought one. I can imagine not getting many answers like ‘yesterday’ or ‘today’. That’s because there isn’t an infinite number of people looking to buy houses. After all, it’s not like you would buy a new microwave oven or a pair of shoes. It’s a house. Possibly big. Possibly with a front yard where your children can play. And definitely with a considerable financial investment.

Thus, the life of a real estate representative isn’t the easiest you can imagine. Big stakes are being vehiculated on a day-to-day basis. There is a struggle realtors are confronted with – find the potential buyer, attract them towards your service, and convince them to buy a house from you. Certainly not something for a wuss.

Meet Andrew, the realtor who helps home buyers

Andrew Fogliato is a real estate sales representative based in Aurora, Canada, where he keeps up with the real estate market. (If you’re looking for a house in Aurora, you might want to ask Andrew – we know he’ll definitely find something for you). Besides knowing everything that’s happening in the real estate market, what homes are for sale and how the price range evolves, Andrew’s work relies on a whole lot of human interaction.


Our realtor is specialized in helping first time buyers find the perfect place to call home, as well as first time sellers to get a good deal on their memory tied house. You can imagine Andrew needs to have a good knowledge of human interaction principles and persuasive skills. But as much as that may sound, it’s not enough. He also needs to constantly find new customers, which as we’ve seen, is not easy-peasy. Lead gathering is something that’s part of Andrew’s concerns.

A realtor’s problem and its web formy solution

Being very dedicated to his job, Andrew was driving a lot of traffic to his website. Though, he realized that he didn’t capture any leads. Leaving his email address in order to wait for people to contact him wasn’t very effective either. At this point, Andrew started to look at various lead capturing options. The one he decided on was 123FormBuilder.

Andrew used our form builder to create different types of web forms, all designed to capture leads and gather desired information on potential clients. The data acquired through the web forms lets Andrew find out more about his prospects, so that he’s informed about their needs and wishes when he gets in touch with them.

Visitors can use the forms on Andrew’s website to describe the homes they want to sell, to draw an outline of the house they’re looking to buy, to submit their properties for home evaluations, to get a first time home buyers guide, to register for Andrew’s seminars, and to request more informations or a consultation.


When it comes to most appreciated features of our form builder, Andrew says “I like being able to re-direct them to pages after they’ve submitted. That way I can redirect them to first time home buyer guides I’ve created and they can gain access instantly after submitting their information.” Another feature Andrew uses for his forms is the file upload field, which clients can use to send pictures of the properties they want to sell. (If you wish to receive files for yourself, a file upload form may come in handy.)


What convinced him to pick 123FormBuilder for taking care of his lead capturing issue? “It was easy to use, easy to develop new forms, and to embed them across different websites easily.” In terms of outcome, Andrew seems happy too: “Once I added forms to my websites I went from barely capturing any leads to capturing them daily.” Boy, are we glad to hear about such good results!

To draw a conclusion, Andrew’s example shows us once more how you can use forms for various purposes, even it is for lead gathering, event registration or for offering an useful freebie in exchange of the visitor’s information.

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