A Brief Note on Systematic On-Boarding Process for the New Hires


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Companies keep hiring new employees due to various reasons like acquisitions or  business expansion plans. They are always on the lookout to hire talented individuals for different posts and designations. In this blog post, we shall look at some of the ways in which the on-boarding processes can be streamlined after hiring the suitable candidates.

Let’s now touch upon some points that can help the HR Managers in reducing the time needed for the on-boarding processes.

Firstly, you will need to have all the information about the job roles and responsibilities of the concerned new hires. Someone from the HR team will need to call the employees and inform them about the joining dates, office address, company dress code policies, parking rules, etc.

You will need to put them in touch with their on-boarding buddy (from the same team preferably) who will basically help them settle down in their new job and office. This includes making the time-table for the first few weeks of their joining, and planning their first few assignments.

Improving recruitment processes

Once the recruitment process is over, before anything else, the HR department should always ask new employees to submit their feedback on various recruitment aspects by filling out a Recruitment Evaluation Survey. This will accelerate process improvement. To maintain a high degree of accuracy, the submitted information should always be confidential.

Arranging for introductions and meetings with the concerned people in the company

After creating the company email ID and login information, you will need to send them information about the start date, bios, job roles, etc. You will need to introduce them to the critical people in the organization. It can be arranged through brief personal meetings or even through video chats.

Instruct the on-boarding buddy to help the new hire in getting around the workplace. They can even accompany the candidates during the lunch hours. Also arrange for the office tour to make them start feeling comfortable about the place.


The HR manager will need to send an email request to the tech team to arrange the technical requirements of the new hires. It would include arrangements for computer, printer access, phone lines, share drives, coordinating with the SAP systems, etc. This task should be done in advance and should be up and ready before the joining date of the new employee. You will also need to mark the resource request email to the acquisition team, for buying or renting the necessary equipment and stationary.

New employee welcome

You will need to handover the welcome package to the new employee, which would include information of company policies, map of the campus, information on transportation or parking, Job description, and the phone numbers of the important people in the company. You will need to set up their work space, after a though cleanup.

Planning the weeks and months ahead

After the initial on-boarding processes, it is important for the HR team to plan for the next coming weeks and months by pre-defining the job duties, schedules, and expectations.

This includes conducting regular one-on-one meetings, involving the performance measurements, trying to give more challenging yet achievable targets and setting new performance benchmarks. In these meetings, the HR person will also need to take the feedback for the new hire and work on providing flexible options wherever possible, but within the framework of company policies.

Automating the on-boarding processes

There are software applications that can help in automating the on-boarding processes. Companies can even go for the custom on-boarding applications that are exclusively developed as per their business needs.

Every aspect of the on-boarding process is important, from the employee’s feedback on recruitment aspects to their training. We hope the above tips will prove helpful for you in getting the employee on-boarding right.

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