5 Ways to Make Your Travel Blogging Dreams Come True


by 123FormBuilder

Imagine flying around the world, seeing the seven wonders of the ancient world (plus a few of your own invention), meeting new people, learning new languages — and writing about it all for a living. Many of us dream of being travel bloggers and a lucky few have turned that dream into reality. Happily, making a living from travel isn’t as quite hard as it might seem at first. Here are 5 tips for making your travel blogging dreams come true.

1. Think Outside the Ads

Building a big enough readership to make money from ads isn’t the only way to support yourself by travel blogging. There are many other ways to make a living writing about your travel experiences, from trip sponsorships to affiliate marketing to selling merchandise and more. Broaden your horizons and your business plan to find success as a travel blogger.

2. Always Be Engaging

No matter how you make money, your audience is still at the heart of what you do. Keep your readers engaged with useful content, fun social media and interactive features. The more you can help readers understand the ins and outs of the destinations you visits, the more willing they’ll be to make your blog a destination they keep coming back to.

3. Take Better Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words — especially on a travel blog. Go beyond simple smartphone snapshots and learn how to take beautiful images that will entice people to visit your site regularly. As a bonus, fantastic pictures tend to get shared on social media, potentially bringing in even more traffic to your blog.

4. Find Your Niche

It can seem like there are as many travel blogs to read as there are places to visit (or more), so make sure you find a way to set yours apart. Are you writing for solo adventure travelers? People who like fine food and wine? Families looking to travel on a budget? Figure out what’s special about your preferred mode of travel and target your content to an audience.

5. Consider Quizzes

Help your readers discover their travel personality or pick their next destination with fun travel quizzes. Ask about favorite foods, activities, weather and more to uncover where people might like to go and what they’d enjoy doing once they get there. Make your quizzes extra interactive and engaging with pictures and videos of the places or activities you mention. A fun quiz will also be shared on social media, increasing your travel blog traffic.
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