5 Ways To Make Web Forms Fit Your Brand


by 123FormBuilder

Branding plays a major role in the success of a business, large or small. Having consistent visual identity is the key to be recognized by your customers, both offline and online. Take any major clothing store – from the banner outside, the colors of the walls and the style of their shelves, they all match the brand.

The same concept of user’s experience applies to website visitors, except that the paint used is CSS and HTML. The user’s journey through the web usually end at a contact form – that’s why it’s important to have that form custom branded as well. Below we’ll show you some advanced features through which you can customize your forms to make them totally blend in with your company.

1. Domain Aliasing

With this feature, the form linked to your users will contain your own domain name, dropping any reference to 123FormBuilder. This way, even if the form is processed through our servers, from the user’s point of view everything stay on your website. You can find it under PublishForm Link

123FormBuilder domain aliasing

It’s very useful in case you want to keep your company’s brand consistent for all communications channels that users might choose. More details on how to implement this features can be found here.

2. Your custom logo

A major part of a visual identity is the logo, so it’s important to always show it on your products and services. Fortunately, you can add your logo on any form through SettingsThemes. Link the logo, or just upload it from a local computer and it’s automatically placed in the header of the form.

custom logo web form

3. Custom Favicon

What are favicons? They’re the small images that appear on the page tab at the top of your browser.

custom favicon for web form builder

4. Your own email notification

Since you can automate emails on submissions to your respondents, it would be wise to change the default sender of the email from noreply@live.123formbuilder.com to something closer to home.

Since your customers are already familiar with you, it’s only normal that they would be more eager to see a familiar sender in their inbox. This is done by activating the option of sending notifications through your own servers.

5. White Label

So far you’ve seen how to make your form, the link of your form and the notifications as custom branded as you want. White label takes it to the next step – have the whole platform custom branded. Through this, you can offer form building to your customers under your company’s banner.

If you’re committed to offering a fully branded form completing experience for your users, than we’ve got you covered on all sides. In case you help with with any of these options, or just simply want to mail us your awesome logo, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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