5 Simple Tips for A Better Membership Application Form


by 123FormBuilder

Are you running a club, a society, an association or any type of organization? Then you probably agree that it’s much like running your own business. It’s challenging, it requires commitment, time, energy, hard work and focus. However, there are several tools you can use to get your organization to prosper. The membership form is one trusty tool and definitely a key element to a successful organization.

Every person who wants to become a member will need to fill the membership application form on your website. And you only have one chance to make a good first impression. So, you want to make sure their experience is positive and memorable. Here are our best tips on how to improve membership application forms:

It shouldn’t look complicated

In fact, it should look inviting and easy to fill in. Read through it, make sure it’s clear and it doesn’t look cluttered and intimidating or it might turn prospective members off. Try not to add too many fields to the form, keep it relevant and ask succinct questions. Think about the information you need from members and why you need it.

Keep the audience in mind

When it comes to a membership application form, a sports club shouldn’t have the same approach as a club dedicated to the organization of corporate events, for example. Keep the audience in mind when creating a friendly or a more formal design and content. Brand your form by inserting your logo and match fonts and colors with your website. 123FormBuilder gives you the option to style your membership form with custom CSS if it suits your needs.

It should be user- friendly

Use pre-filled form fields to provide users with answer suggestions and speed things up. Show/ hide form fields or questions based on how users respond to previous questions, using conditional logic . If you need to gather photos from members, it’ easier than ever: just add a file upload field .

Split it into sections

Needless to say, a membership application form shouldn’t be too long. If you really need a lot of information, breaking a long form into relevant sections will do the trick. 123FormBuilder provides a cool feature for that: multi- page.

Make it visible

Last but not least, keep in mind that you need people to easily find your form and fill it out. Make the “Become a member”, “Get involved”or “Join us” button visible.

You can start with our membership application form template. If you have questions or you need help creating this form or any other type of online form, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer live chat and email support for all our users.


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