5 Savvy Ways to Streamline Your Event Registration Process


by 123FormBuilder

Summer is here with longer days and warmer weather so it’s the perfect time for outdoor events. However, planning and handling small or large-scale events such as festivals, parties, art shows, conferences or workshops can be an intricate process.

Thankfully, there are tools you can use to successfully manage your event. One of those tools that helps you simplify event planning and organizing, leaving you worry-free is 123FormBuilder’s Online Form Builder.

Begin with creating an account, then go ahead and build your online event registration form. As you can see, there’s already a pre-made form you can use as a starting point and work from there to create the event registration form that best suits your needs.

Now let’s see the steps you can take toward streamlining the event registration process:

Describe the event

What is your event about? When is it happening and where? Beyond question, your guests have to quickly find this information and other relevant event details that they will need to know on your form.

Brand your form

Brand aligning your event registration form is a breeze since you have 30+ themes to choose from. You can of course, create your own by adding any graphic elements you think are in conformity with your event profile. Personalizing your form with colors, fonts, logo, slogan or any other important elements you might think of, will make your brand instantly recognizable.

Add a map

Make sure that your guests will know how to get to your event by adding a map. It not only shows attention to detail but it also makes the form more visually appealing.

Collect participation fees

Event registration forms and online order forms go together like summer and ice cream. Yup. You can turn your registration form into an effective online order form and collect participation fees (or donations for your cause if that’s the case). You’ll spare time and effort for your guests and you’ll win them over since they will be able to effortlessly pay online when they register through your event form.

The Register button

The Register button is the cherry on top. Again, it can make your form a lot more appealing if you replace the dull “Register” with a more catchy text like “Count me in” or “Let the fun begin!”.

Did you find these tips helpful? There’s more where these came from. Find out how to manage your business event like a Pro and find some of the best event planning resources for your business.

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