4 Ways to Make Your Good Event Website Great


by 123FormBuilder

    Whether it’s a conference, a fundraising event or a music festival, when it comes to event promotion, the days of just handing out flyers are long gone. A strong event website will not only help you maximize the success of your events and drive sales but will also generate valuable leads.

There are no “ifs, ands or buts” when it comes to visually making an impact but to make your event website as effective as possible, there are even more elements you must include.  So to improve the performance of your event website, be sure to incorporate these must-have elements.

What, when and where?

What do you think visitors would expect from an event website? Try seeing things from their perspective. The visitor should get the answers to all these questions at first glance. Clearly display the type and name of the event, the date, time and location. If necessary, provide attendees with an agenda, make the schedule visible, add a presenters/ speakers page. Allow quick access to all the details relevant to the event and make it easy for visitors to navigate through.

Provide value with an informative, engaging and compelling invitation and you’ll undoubtedly catch the visitor’s attention and arouse curiosity.

Showcase your event

Give your potential attendees a sense of the event experience and raise their interest by showing the benefits of attending the event and what they can expect from it.  You can choose to include footage from previous events, a teaser video, images to tell the event’s story, interviews with the organizers or event highlights. Furthermore, you can include some testimonials or share behind-the-scenes preparations. Make it catchy and inspiring!

The event registration form

 Obviously, you need to place emphasis on registration. An effective tool in your toolbox that makes the registration process as easy as can be is the event registration form. Not only it will allow you to gather and keep track of registrations but you can also capture contact information from your attendees.     event-registration-forms

Our online form builder is rich in features that will enhance the power of your event registration website and help you sell more tickets.

➸You can add a Google interactive map to your form and make it easy for your attendees to find out where the event is held.

Obtain more exposure by adding Social Media sharing buttons .

➸Benefit from powerful features such as form autoresponders, payment integration, charts and reports creation and more.

➸Set up a multi-language registration form if you need to reach a greater audience.

➸Use a free event registration form template to easily get started.

The newsletter form

 In all likelihood, you’ll have visitors who are unable to attend your event at that particular time, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in participating in the future, so they might want to receive news and updates on future events. Be sure to include a newsletter form on your site. This is how you can get the newsletter sign-up rate in the 7th heaven with these small tweaks.  

Did we miss something? Do you have other examples of key elements for an effective event website? Please share in the comments.

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