3 Quick Tips for Creating Compelling Banner Ads


by 123FormBuilder

Do banner ads still play a big role for brand awareness? It’s no secret that small and big businesses think of advertising as the key to their growth and success. Despite diverging opinions surrounding this topic, banner ads have been and still are a popular form of advertising. They’re everywhere, advertising anything and everything. We’ve all seen good and bad banner ads. Some instantly make you want to click them and some are simply annoying. Bad positioning, amateur ad design and too much clutter are some of the reasons why your ad is ignored.

Nevertheless, if you put some thought into building it properly, a banner ad can bring a lot of value and effectiveness in driving traffic to your website.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you achieve that.

Proper placement

The trick is to think about user experience. Does your website fulfill the user’s needs and provides relevant content without too many ads creating a disruptive experience? Keep in mind not to place ads in areas where they can be easily confused with regular website content, download links or the menu. The banner ad should complement your website, but it needs to be noticeable and recognizable without being disturbing.

Clean Layout

Yes, the ad needs to be distinguishable, but there’s no need to overdo it. A powerful ad is simple and eye-catching at the same time. Too many elements can cause distraction. The message has to be clear and intuitive for the users. So focus on that and pick the right color pallette, compatible with the message you want to communicate. Bannersnack wrote an awesome article about the importance of color in banner ads, providing an insight into color basics, color schemes and guidelines you need to follow when choosing the colors for your banner ad.    

Unmistakable call to action

Setting a clear goal and creating an easy to click call to action is crucial for your ads to be effective. Consider the size, shape, color, contrast, phrasing and make sure to choose a good position. Why should visitors click your ad? After creating a prominent and clickable CTA, let them know what to expect next. You can trigger curiosity to attract visitors, but don’t mislead them. George Loewenstein’ s book- “The psychology of curiosity: A review and reinterpretation.” is a great read.   

We hope these tips will work wonders for you! Let us know if they do!


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