15 Quick Tips for a Better Online Order Form


by 123FormBuilder

A well thought out online order form gives you the guarantee of a smooth sale and purchase procedure. With the help of an online order form receiving fixed or recurring payments, donations, subscriptions or membership fees is as easy as 1-2-3.

These 15 quick and handy tips will help you create the best online order form to suit your needs:

 Make sure not to clutter your order form with useless information!

Simplify it! “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”- Steve Jobs . You probably already know by now that short forms outperform long forms. You don’t want to lose potential customers because they don’t have the time or the patience to fill out a long and complicated form.

Ease of use There might be cases where you actually need a complicated form, but you have to always think about increasing the ease of use for your users.

➢With 123FormBuilder you can easily predict the actions your users will make and trigger extra questions according to their answers, by adding Field Rules.

➢ Style your form to match your brand! You can create stylish order forms using our predefined form themes.  Add your logo or choose a representative image as the page background. You can easily customize the appearance of your form in  the Themes section, but 123FormBuilder also gives you the option to add Custom CSS .

Pay attention to details! Select font families, sizes and colors to customize your order form’s field labels, instructions and headings. With 123FormBuilder you can also customize the field error highlights.

Don’t use too many colors or hard to read fonts!

➢ Choose the text you prefer for the “Submit” button. It can be “Place your order”, “Order now”, “Purchase”. 123FormBuilder allows you to pick a color or upload your own button graphics.

online order form

➢ Use the Form Layout Feature to customize your form’s width and encoding, choose the way it’s displayed- whether you want it in one or two columns, align field labels in different ways and choose how to display field instructions.

123FormBuilder also allows you to choose the type of form box you want: you can have a straight or rounded corners frame, you can choose the background color and also include shadows.

➢ Payment gateways can come with restrictions. Enabling multiple gateways on the same form will save you a lot of trouble. 123FormBuilder  integrates multiple payment gateways at once, on the same form. You can integrate your order form with 11 payment processors.

➢ Grow the number of your order form visitors by adding Social buttons.

➢ The Multi- Language Form Feature will help you expand your reach and increase sales, since you can easily provide the order form to your target audience in their native language. This can also include transition to local currency.

➢ Use 3rd party integrations to collect contact information from your customers and build a strong database for your sales strategy.

➢ Protect your buyers’ sensitive data! Use field validation and SSL encryption to create secure forms.

➢ If you need more advanced functions for your order form, 123FormBuilder is the perfect tool to help you master complex order forms !

We hope these tips come in handy. If you need more advice, if you have any questions or even suggestions don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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