123FormBuilder’s Top 10 Donor Stewardship Ideas


by 123FormBuilder

Online donations have succeeded to grasp the attention and become a focus point for every nonprofit, besides traditional offline giving. But who would have guessed that these new online tools can be not only means of collecting donations but also reliable ways to facilitate donor retention and relationship reinforcement? 123FormBuilder’s solutions are made so that all these post-donation actions made through donation request forms can strengthen your stewardship strategies.

Engaging your donors after the first gift is highly important for them and, needless to say, especially for you. Most nonprofits start losing donors between the first and the second donation. Thus, finding new ways to approach do-gooders can bring a fresh outcome. Stewarding your present donors is an easy and effective retention method; it is sometimes simpler than to put effort in attracting new donors.

So how can 123FormBuilder come to aid you in this matter? Well, by using our tool to create a NPO form you can also benefit from a number of features that can facilitate post-donation engagement with your donors. So here are some ideas on how to adapt these features for your nonprofit:

  1.  Send an autoresponder after users fill in the form to confirm that the donation has been successful. In this way they can have a record of the gift they made. By using our platform, you are granted the option to customize these autoresponder messages. You can find the best text that suits the specific purpose of your cause.
  2.  Track your donations and manage the database so that you can later use donors’ information. In your 123FormBuilder account you will have records of submissions, specifically for the mentioned purpose. To be more accessible, you can also manage them through Google Drive and see real-time updates. Moreover, you can export the data related to your donors in CRMs like Zoho, SalesForce or VerticalResponse to create leads and contact lists.
  3.  Conduct efficient email marketing campaigns specially designed for your donors. You can add your donors’ contact information provided by the form in the following mailing systems: MailChimp, iContact, AWeber, Constant Contact or Unbounce. In this way you can target them with specific messages and keep them in touch with your activity through emails or newsletters.
  4. Gain tweets with each new form submission with our Twitter integration. The shared message will contain your shortened form link, so will promote your cause and will give you the opportunity to thank your donors in social media.
  5. Make special videos for your donors and share them on YouTube. With 123FormBuilder you can add the donation form in each video description. This way you will encourage all viewers to donate. If the visuals are compelling and the form has a good call-to-action, it can be a good idea of donor stewardship.
  6. Bring your donation forms closer to your online supporters through Facebook. Our tool allows you to import the form as URL on your page or a fillable version on your event page. This can be a great way to prepare yourself for a charity event, giving your donors a chance to actively participate in the event organization.
  7. Ask for feedback from you donors to improve the fundraising process or to get a hint of their overall perception over your nonprofit. Feedback forms can be a great way to know your donors and gain fresh insights. These can be transferred in better campaigns, higher success rates and a better relationship with your donors.
  8. Develop a stewardship section on your website to enable communication with your donors. This section can contain a contact form or a feedback form, depending on your needs. So, a donation-oriented website can provide both a sense of security and a opportunity to reward your donors.
  9. Share reports with your donors. Transparency it’s a key element in every nonprofit’s mix for success. Donations collected through our forms draw automatic reports in the submissions area, on your account. This reports can be useful for you to track the flow of donations, the range of amounts and for your donors to see how close your nonprofit comes in attaining its goal.
  10. Enable your donation to be completed mobile devices. Having your website and your donation form mobile optimized  it’s not only a desirable feature for usability reasons, it is also a big plus for your donors. Enabling mobile donations will show consideration towards the busy schedule of the modern man.

Remember that all these aspects of donation forms can help you in the process of building and enhancing your relationship with your donors. If you have other donor stewardship ideas, tell us in the comments section below.

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